Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Belated Valentine's Celebration

Jay and I observed Valentine's Day this past weekend rather than on Valentine's weekend for a very good reason. I had planned to run my very fist 10K on Saturday the 13th, however we ended up with about 3 or 4" of snow here in Hotlanta that weekend which pretty much paralyzed the city. I know, I know we're babies if you live up North, but we Southerners just don't deal well with snow, ok ya'll!! They did end up having the race but I kept getting emails pushing back the start time until I finally just decided not to bother trying to get there with the poor road conditions and all. I hope to perhaps complete a 10K this Spring and plan to run the famed Peachtree Road race this July 4th.

Be that as it may, this was the reason Jay and I decided to postpone our Valentine plans until this past weekend. It was worth the wait!!! Below you can see a photo of the gift I presented to Jay. For those having trouble discerning just what it is, let me describe. What you see there is a ball gag made of a candy jawbreaker...yummy. However, as I have been told by EVERY dentist I have ever seen, I have a very small mouth. This jawbreaker is absolutely too big to even come close to fitting into my mouth at the moment. I have been given the task by Jay of sucking and licking it down until it can fit into my tiny little mouth. We can't wait to put it to good use.

My Jay was quivering with excitment all week over his gift for me as you see pictured below. It is a quality, leather flogger which we have wanted to add to our collection for some time. Cost has been our big hurdle as quality products of this nature are quite expensive. Jay did a good deal of research on line and found himself a good, leather flogger at a price we could live with.

I squealed with delight when I first opened it, then stared wide eyed at it in anticipatory dread of how it might feel on my bottom. We had quite a good session trying out our new toy where I was surprised to discover the flogger looked much more menacing than it felt. As this particular flogger has 32 falls, it has a duller, thudding effect as it hits it's mark while a flogger of fewer falls would have a more stinging type of effect. This is quite a hefty tool to wield and Jay found himself getting quite the work out as he worked me over. We both would like to further research the potential for instruction from those more experienced in the BDSM world on learning to handle such a tool well. In any event,I told Jay he should flog me harder next time!

After our play session which ended with some wonderful sex, Jay and I went out for dinner at one of our very favorite restaurants. He instructed me to insert my rosebud which I received for Christmas that you can see below. I left the house with this little jewel firmly inserted into my ass. I was keenly aware of it all evening long. My mind continued to wonder to how full I would feel when we returned home and he fucked me with the rosebud still shoved inside me. That is, of course, exactly what we did later that evening complete with loud moans and groans of ectasy as we were fortunate enough to have a child free home for the evening.

All in all, it was a hot, kinky Valentine's Day 2010 celebration!


Bull said...


Sounds like a wonderful evening and you will have to keep us up to date on your "Jaw breaker" progress.

As for the 10K stay with it I have run many and find them a lot of fun.


bigd44 said...


Glad you V-Day was a success. Love that flogger. I've been thinking about buying something like that also. I like the way you desrcibe the feel of the swats. I think my wife would enjoy that. What kind of marks does it leave? We bought a heart shapped crop awhile ago, and my wife loves the heart shapped welts it leaves on her! Sounds like you had a very hot sexy night. Isn't great to have a kid free house every now and then?
I can't wait to see you wearing that jawbreaker. Good luck sucking it down to size.

We don't even get snow where I live in the SF Bay area, but it has been raining almost everyday since the new year, and I'm sick of it! I want some sunshine!

Mimi said...

Bull...yes, I plan to be busy licking and sucking my new toy :-)

I ran a few 5K's last year and enjoyed it. This was to be my first 10K and I was really excited. I'm sure I'll find another to do this spring.

Big D...the flogger actually left my bottom not so very red. I think Jay just needs to practice using it more to ger the full effect. I too have seen the heart shaped crop and have been wanting to get one. That would be fun to have cute little heart shaped marks! The crop does have quite a sting to it!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just total wow. That was an amazing read.

Just Call Me Jay said...

I must admit it was quite the kinky Valentine's Day... We even took a couple of pics while out at dinner.

But the highlight was definitely using the flogger, which I was quite surpised to find its bark was louder than its bite.

Next time I will see how far I can take it. I think our next outing is to a Goth/B&D Club later on in March that is having an Alice in Wonderland themed party... I look forward to the micro mini,corset, rosebud and heels I hope my Mimi will wear... And that will definitely get some pics...

bigd44 said...

Mimi, and Jay, I sure wish you would share more of your pics. I just saw the rosebud pic on rcbb. Mimi your ass looks so hot in that pic! Thanks for what you do show, your pics are always so hot and sexy!

Anonymous said...

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