Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Weekend of Pleasure

I regret to inform you, dear reader, that Jay and I did not make it to our Halloween fetish party this weekend. Forces conspired against us (including our daughter coming home from school with a fever on Friday) that forced us to make the decision that the outing just was not going to work for this weekend. Never fear, however, there is yet another one being held next Saturday that will be just as much of a kinky good time.

With the decision not to go out Saturday night, we found ourselves with very little obligations for the weekend which is highly unusual for us. Our daughter was perfectly fine by Saturday morning (a bit of a reaction to her recent flu shot, I believe), and spent most of the day across the street with one of her best little friends for her birthday party. Our son went off all day with one of his buddies, so we pretty much had the house to ourselves most of the day. This all equaled LOTS of sex for the weekend.

Both before and after the obligatory appearance at the birthday party across the street we found the occasion to have sex. However, the third time we had sex on Saturday night was by far the best.

I was turned on all afternoon smelling Jay's cum between my legs from our two previous sessions. So much so that at one point I came up behind him as he made dinner in the kitchen and said, "I can smell you between my legs and it is making me so horny!"

Later that evening after our daughter was tucked into bed where she fell immediately to sleep after a long day of birthday partying, and our son was spending the night with his best friend, we found ourselves alone together in bed watching TV. The TV found it's way to porn and Jay's hands found their way to my nipples which were newly adorned with hoops in place of the barbell piercings.

Jay began to tug my nipples by the hoops while his tongue probed my mouth deliciously. I writhed and moaned as we both watched him tugging at my nipples harder and harder. I eventually called for my vibrating bullet which I applied to my hard clit as I directed Jay's finger inside me. He inserted another finger into my asshole and fucked both holes as my bullet buzzed away on my clit until I spat out between clinched teeth..."Here it comes. I'm cumming, I'm cumming..." as my cunt clenched on his finger.

I was then directed down to his cock where I took in the scent of the previous fucking that day before swallowing his hard cock. My ass was in the air taking a nice playful spanking as my head worked up and down his cock. I eventually placed myself flat on the bed in front of him and began to suck his cock with a purpose. My cunt ached to feel him inside me again, but I was content to allow him to cum in my mouth.

I was such a happy slut when he motioned me towards him, shoved me back across the bed and sank his cock in me. My little cunt felt sore and a little tight from the 3 other fuck sessions she had received in the last 24 hours (once Friday night, and twice earlier in the day) which produced the most delicious mixture of pleasure and pain as he fucked me. I wanted his cock more than I can put into words. It was an animal, visceral sort of wanting.

He leaned over me to pump slowly into me as I reached up to feel the hard muscles of his arms, wrapping my legs around his hips and digging the heels of my feet into his ass. I opened my eyes to alternately watch his face and my breasts bouncing underneath his thursts, silver hoops shining from my nipples.

He raised upright once again and began to pound into me with all his might, porn running in the background which we both snuck a glance at from time to time. I gripped the sheets with my hands, my hips thrusting back at him for dear life as he hit just the right spot inside my throbbing little pussy. I opened my eyes just in time to watch his face as he emptied himself inside me.

Today saw one more session of sex as our daughter went back over to play with her friend and our son studied in his room. Jay swatted my ass with a new little feather duster we found with serves as a small, stinging sort of cane on one end and a soft, soothing bunch of feathers on the other end.

He slowly built the intensity of the swats until I had my face shoved into the mattress to muffle my cries.

"Oh Sir, Oh Sir, Oh Sir," I cried.

He pressed me down into the mattress by the small of the back, my ass raised high for him and hissed, "Quiet. Stop making noise."

He beat me with this tiny, make shift little cane until the emotion came bubbling up out of me and I was on the verge of tears. He sliced the toy through the air just above me such that I could hear the whipping sort of sound it made as it passed through the air. I nearly lost it waiting for the blows to connect with my ass that never came.

I then felt the new toy on the soles of my feet and immediately began to plead, "Please, please, no..." remembering the pain HeadMaster had dealt to the soles of my feet during our one session together.

Again, Master was fucking with my head as no blows ever came to my feet.

At this point our daughter returned from across the street!! Jay went out to direct her to watch a little TV until he came down. He returned to me at which point we got right down to business in the interest of time...ha, ha.

That wonderful man fucked me a fifth and final time for the weekend and all felt right with the world.

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