Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Letter to Master

This letter was waiting for Jay in his email's inbox this morning...

Dearest Master,

I know I was tasked by Mistress Faye to send you a list of activities I would enjoy as your submissive some time ago. I have been a lazy slut in taking 3 weeks to get this list to you. I apologize deeply for this Sir, and submit to any correction you deem fit to prevent such behavior in the future.

I have given much thought to this task Sir. What I desire most is to be pleasing to you. Any guidance you are willing to provide is much appreciated by this submissive, Sir.

One of my deepest desires is to be your pet, Sir. To this end, these are things I would take great pleasure in while serving as your sub Sir:

- I would enjoy a pet pillow designated just for me...soft and plush in texture...hopefully presented as a gift to your pet

- I would enjoy an evening of being directed to remain on this pet pillow ready to serve you at all times. I may even enjoy being made to sleep on this pillow.

- I would enjoy being made to take my meal at your feet (I might also enjoy being made to eat this meal from my own designated food and water bowls). You may decide whether or not I merit utensils for my meal Sir

- I would enjoy being made to simply sit at your feet as you watch TV or go about your normal activities, pausing to stroke my head and offer praise or correction whenever the mood strikes you

- I would enjoy a weekend of being directed to suck your cock whenever you so desire with the further requirement that I must ask at least every 2 hours if you require your cock sucked. I would fully expect to receive punishment should I fail to adhere to this schedule.

-You already know that I adore being led around on all fours by my collar and leash Sir. Perhaps if I am a good girl I might merit a new and different leash from time to time.

-Should the opportunity present itself to find one economically...I would SO love my own dog kennel/cage to be locked up in at your discretion Sir.

- I would enjoy being required to dispense my own punishment from time to time...I swoon at the thought of slapping my breasts with a ruler or slapping off my own clothespins.

I hope you find several or all the items on the list pleasing and appealing to you Sir as my purpose is to serve you.

This sub would make one humble request of you Sir. That request being that we reach an agreement to no longer seek out or invite 3rd parties into our bedroom. It is my desire to serve only you in a sexual manner Master. Should Master desire to see me flogged, spanked, paddled or otherwise disciplined at a party or between friends, I would greatly enjoy serving in this manner, but would respectfully request that sexual service be reserved only for you Master. I realize I am but your lowly submissive who has no control over what service you may require of me, and will do my best to submit to whatever pleases my Master most.

Your Loving Slave,


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