Friday, October 22, 2010

Master's Reply to His Slave

My Jay responded to the email I sent a few days ago with one of his own. After reading it, I felt like such a fortunate pet and wife. I cannot express the love and gratitude I feel to have a husband willing to travel down this path with me.

My Lovely Slave...

Yes, you have taken entirely too long to send your list.

Being the masochist I know you are, I know you have painful desires and needs it is my duty to fulfill. For the time being I will use this list as a basis to provide you pleasure through humiliation and pain. But understand I will command another list in the near future.

Moving forward, as my slave I will address you as Mimi to indicate my intention of directing you as my submissive slave, and not my wife.

To be a pet is a great task, and takes a great deal of humility to submit and serve as such. I trust you are up to the task. This weekend, we will look for your accoutrements so you can be my good slave-pet.

We will also plan a weekend of servitude for you. This servitude will include servicing me at will, and tasks for my pleasure.

I see you wish a new leash. The one you have is perfectly fine, but I would be interested in what a slut such as yourself might want. Possibly something that has studs on it to add to your pain as you are slapped with your leash or maybe a chain with a choker...we will certainly see what would suit your deviant desires.

As part of being an obedient submissive, you must trust your Master, and do as commanded. As your Master I would never intentionally put you in any danger or dangerous situations. My respect for you is great and I would not do anything that was personally or deeply humiliating as I know you better than anyone. To do anything that was truly disrespectful would be egregious and would make me unworthy to be your Dominant. Never forget that I love and cherish you as my wife first and foremost.

I do not think a third person is a good idea for our relationship, but your servicing others at my pleasure is another matter. I do know you enjoy many things and activities...things and activities you feel like you should not enjoy,yet you do. As your Dominant, it is my responsibility to not only provide pleasure and punishment, but to expand our limits together.

I am glad you want to only serve me sexually, actually more than glad, it shows me that you desire and only adore me, which makes me confident our roles are in the place we have been working towards.

Therefore regarding your final request, I agree we should not include a third party Dom in our relationship, and I do not think a third party sub would be good for us either. However, I do find that it is necessary for you to be able to service others as I direct. We have discussed that we both know you enjoy servicing others, but you tend to think negatively of yourself after the experiences. What I will promise you is, I will not frequently ask this of you, but I will command you to service others at my discretion for my pleasure. You will do as I command and not disappoint but enjoy it as I know you do.

What I desire from you is for you to be an obedient slave, to be a loving slave, for you to allow me to take you to the dark places you desire, and I do encourage you to tell me your desires so I can continue to take you to those places your heart longs for. Through this I will earn your respect and continue to explore this world together.

Your Loving Master.