Friday, July 23, 2010

Garage Dungeon, Conclusion

My mind raced…what if the clothes pins became unbearable, what if I somehow fell off the bench, how long would I be left here like this? To calm myself, I raised my head up to watch the porn still playing on the TV. My mind was soon engaged in the images on the screen…a hot female servicing two men, one in her mouth and the other in her pussy as they reminded her what a slut she was. My own cunt began to react as it grew wetter and wetter. I tried to focus on the pulse growing between my legs, and not the pressure on my pussy lip as I ground my hips against the bench, letting the growing pain of the clothes pin attached there slip away.

Daddy eventually returned after 15 or 20 minutes at which time I began to beg him to remove the clothes pin on my pussy lip. He did so as I sighed with relief only to tell me,

“Now its time for the other side,” as he placed the clothes pin on my other pussy lip.

I nearly broke into tears with frustration, but found a way to submit and drift away from the discomfort.

Daddy placed what I soon figured out were two small tea candles on my ass and lit them. I was terrified they would fall off my bottom and catch the garage on fire.
When I tried to express my fears I was told to shut up and let Daddy work.

His fingers slid between my wet cunt lips and began to massage my clit. My hips undulated with his movements which of course caused the gathering candle wax to spill over onto my ass which was exactly what Daddy was going for. He chuckled as I flinched and cried out with the first dripping of wax onto my ass. He ordered me to wiggle my hips as more wax dripped onto my ass which I did although I was still very frightened the candles would tip off of their precarious perch and set the entire garage on fire.

When Daddy had had his fun with the candles, he blew them out and brought out the flogger. I felt such joy at this as the flogger is one of my favorite toys. He began by gently caressing my back and buttocks with the soft leather of the blades. His strokes started out slow and soft on my upper back, slowly building in momentum until each stroke was thudding loudly within the confines of the garage as it met the flesh of my back and ass.

When my moans became pleas of “Yes Daddy, don’t stop. Mmmm, Daddy that feels so good,” he did stop, and brought out the dreaded heart shaped paddle.

I began to whine and wiggle about on the bench at the sight of it.

“No Daddy. God, no not the paddle, please,” I begged.

My pleas fell on deaf ears as he whacked my bottom with that wicked thing.

I bit down on the bench,concerned neighbors might hear through the thin aluminum garage doors, trying not to cry out as the paddle found its mark . It was no use. I screamed as my flesh exploded in stinging pain. Daddy got one more whack in, branding me with the paddle’s heart shape before I sobbed,

“NO, no more Daddy. I can’t take it.”

Technically he could have and should have continued since I did not use my safe word, but he could hear the genuine distress in my voice, and took pity on me.

He went so far as to remove the bothersome clothes pin from my pussy for which I profusely thanked him. I then felt the cold steel edge of the knife running along my pussy lips as I tried to remain perfectly still. The blade was brought to my lips as he ordered me to lick my cum from it.

Daddy then mercifully unshackled me from the weight bench and ordered me to my knees on the floor.

His cock was inserted into my mouth for sucking as he cooed,

“You like cock don’t you slut? You want one in your mouth and one stuffed up your cunt, don’t you, you little cock whore?”

With that he ordered me to remain kneeling on the floor, head bowed as he went back into the house.

My mind raced again…oh God was someone else here? Had he gotten Joe to come by for a visit after all? Or worse, was there some stranger waiting to be serviced by me? Logically, I knew Jay would not invite a prefect stranger to our home, but I was not in a very logical state of mind at the time.

I watched the door open with genuine fear as he came back into the garage, alone, although I have to admit part of me was hoping Joe would follow him.

He carried out a cup of water and a shot glass as it was blazing hot in the garage.

“Do you want some water?” he cooed at me.

“Yes, Sir,” I respectfully responded.

He brought the shot glass over and held it to my lips for drinking. I only got a sip before he threw it in my face.

He refilled the shot glass and brought it to me again and asked if I wanted water to which I nodded my head in assent. He then spit into the glass, forced my head back by a handful of hair and forced me to drink. I spat the mouthful of water out all over the floor in an uncontrollable reflex of disgust.

I was then hauled back up to the weight bench and strapped down again, this time on my back…arms over my head, legs raised and spread.

Daddy went to work with the clothes pins again, this time arranging them along my breasts and nipples as I watched and writhed with pleasure. I was made to turn my head so he could insert his cock into my mouth for sucking before he mounted me and began to thrust his cock inside my pussy. I wanted his cock so badly by now. I tried to pump my hips towards him, but my freedom of movement was limited by my shackles. We both groaned and grunted our pleasure like the animals we were until Daddy released inside me with a loud guttural cry.

Later on, we cleaned up and went out for a highly satisfying meal for which we had worked up quite an appetite. Oh, the things kinky suburbanites will get up to when left with an empty house for the evening!!

Tomorrow's post will be the evening's festivities in pictures...


bigd44 said...


That sounds like a very exciting night. Jay is so creative in his distribution of pain! I love how you beg for more of the flogger and dread the paddle.
It sure is nice to have the house to yourselfs for a night. Can't wait to see the pics!

Anonymous said...

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