Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Toy Review: The Urja by Vida

My dear Shelly at Shelly’s Toybox has entrusted me with yet another intriguing product for review. I was quite fascinated by the design and intended use for this toy which is the Urja by Vida. This toy is a remote controlled vibrating orb that rests nicely inside your most secret part.

Like every toy I have received from Shelly, this one comes elegantly packaged. The remote control and rechargeable vibrating orb come nestled inside a faux leather case along with a handy storage bag for discrete transporting of the toy as well as a power adapter for charging the orb and a product manual.

The waterproof Urja has a unique hour glass design that did fit very comfortably inside me. It is made of anodized gun metal aluminum and midnight absidian silicone. The orb can be retrieved easily via its hygienic silicone cord. I worried a bit about the cord stretching and tearing the first time or two I attempted to retrieve it, but it is indeed secure and made to withstand significant pressure. The battery driven remote control glows with a low pink light at it delivers five speeds of vibration to the orb resting inside you. The Urja comes with a one year warranty which states that if due to any defect in materials or workmanship, the product fails to maintain its integrity or its moving parts become inoperable within one year from the date of purchase, the manufacturer will replace it with a like or reasonably similar product.

So what happened when Jay and I put it to the test? The first time we used the Urja in our play was in our very own bedroom as we watched porn and mutually masturbated together. The orgasm I obtained with the orb vibrating inside me was more intense than I had experienced in quite some time. It left me panting, and dripping with my own arousal.

The second time we spent some time with the Urja was during an impromptu dinner outing. I inserted the toy before leaving for dinner, feeling very naughty about the secret resting inside me. As I indicated, it did fit very comfortably inside my secret area whether I was sitting or walking. I had some concern about the possibility of the orb somehow falling out from between my legs as I walked, presenting an embarrassing predicament in public, but I needn’t have worried as it did remain securely in place.

As Jay and I walked into the restaurant and waited to be seated, I gave a small start as I felt the Urja begin to vibrate within me. We exchanged a mischievous grin before being shown to our table in an out of the way corner of the restaurant. The toy’s operation was very quiet between my folds. I was not the least bit concerned about any noise that might give my secret away. The soft vibrations massaging me from within quickly ramped up my arousal. My legs parted as I ran my hand along Jay’s thigh under the table. Placing my order with the waiter as the Urja vibrated secretly within me gave me quite an erotic thrill. However, we were soon to discover the disappointing little problem with this toy. As Jay attempted to turn off the orb to save the battery charge for further play later in the evening, we found it to be impossible. No matter what angle he discreetly tried to aim the remote, he simply could not get the orb to respond. He finally handed it to me, I placed it under the table, aimed it directly between my legs and clicked numerous times, all to no avail…the toy continued to buzz away inside me. As you can imagine, the longer it buzzes the less sensitive the area becomes. It buzzed so long that I was only able to ascertain whether or not it was still on by placing my hands on my lower abdomen to feel the buzzing of the toy. I was happy to get home that evening and remove the endless vibration from within me. I spoke with Shelly and her husband at Shelly’s Toybox and they we agreed I should send the unit back under the warranty, and they sent me a second unit to try out.

Wanting to give the toy a fair try, we took it out for one more test spin Sunday as we ran a few errands. Jay clicked the remote control held in his pocket as I exited the car at the store setting off a pleasant little buzz within me. We walked about the store conducting our business as the toy happily buzzed away within me creating mildly pleasurable feelings. When I decided it was time to turn it off, we again had a bit of trouble getting it to stop. We finally had to stand face to face discretely in an out of the way aisle as Jay clicked numerous times until I finally indicated to him that the vibrations had stopped.

When we got into the car and continued on our journey I was feeling quite aroused more by the secret nature of what we were doing in public, in broad daylight than by the intensity of the physical sensations themselves. As we drove I lifted my skirt and ran my fingers over my increasingly moistening folds as Jay clicked the toy back on until we finally decided to find a secluded area to pull over and enjoy some “private” time together.

For me, the greatest pleasure derived from the Urja was more psychological than physical. I was highly aroused by the secret I held between my legs of which only Jay and I were aware. I only know the workings and sensations of my own body, but I do know that the inside of a woman’s vagina is significantly less sensitive than the outer areas and of course, the clitoris. I honestly did not derive more than mild pleasure from the Urja as it vibrated inside me although the orgasms I achieved while stimulating my clitoris as the toy vibrated within me were greatly enhanced by the Urja’s vibrations. A major drawback for the Urja was the difficulty in getting the remote to properly control the orb inside me. I honestly doubt that Jay and I will put the toy to much more use in public due to how difficult it is to control discreetly. In summary I would give the Urja a 5 out of 10 Big O’s.


Anonymous said...


Leah said...

I've had similar problems with the Radio Love egg from Ann Summers, Much trial and error involved!

bigd44 said...


I was hoping for a better review of this product. Do you think it is worth the price for only around the house type use?

It sounds like you still had some fun with it. I take it you were not wearing panties on your adventures?

Mimi said...

Leah...I guess those remote insertable type toys have some problems getting through our own natural insulation...LOL.

Big D...It definately did greatly enhance my orgasms and will make for some intense play at home, absolutely! It is just a bit cumbersome to try to play with in public.