Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mental Images

This morning found me pressed against Jay with his very hard, very well lubed cock in my hand stroking slowly, firmly as these particular images played in my head...

A nameless stranger is pressed up behind me in a hotel room bed, he wraps a hand around my forehead, violently jerking my head back as he thrusts his hard cock inside me.

"This is what you've wanted all day, isn't it slut?" he whispers in my ear.

I nod my head as his hand holds my head firmly pressed back against his shoulder.

"Yes, I know it is. Do you know how I know?" I shake my head slightly. "Because your pussy is so goddamn wet," he grunts as he fucks me harder and harder.

He guides my hand down to my cunt. I rub my own swollen clit as he whispers, "Feel how wet you are. Only a whore gets that wet for her man. Are you a whore?"

"Yes," I whisper hoarsely.

"That's right, you are," he agrees as he thrusts my fingers slick with my own desire into my mouth.

"Taste what a greedy little whore you are."

He pumps harder and harder inside me, his hand goes around my throat, squeezing harder and harder. My pussy begins to pulse around him as I lose all ability to breathe.

"That's it, cum you little cunt," he snarls as I begin to claw at his hand around my throst, my lungs desperate for air even as my body writhes in orgasm.

He flips me over on my stomach as I cough and gasp for air.

I am pulled onto my knees as he presses my face into the mattress, enters me again, and violently fucks my throbbing cunt.

"You're not good enough to look at me while I fuck you. A little whore like you needs her face shoved into the mattress while I fuck her," he spits at me.

"You're not even good enough to cum inside," he berates as he pounds his body against mine.

When his orgasm approaches, he pulls out, straddles my back, holds my head down against the mattress and unloads all over the side of my face.

As this all plays out in my head, my pussy grows more and more aroused until it is literally throbbing painfully as I stroke Jay's extremly firm erection. Finally, when I can stand it no longer, I moan that I need him to fuck me. Honestly, we are both so worked up, that it only takes a minute or two of me rubbing my clit as he fucks me until I cum. He follows seconds after, cumming like a freight train inside me.

I'm feeling so turned on as I type this, I think I may need to excuse myself upstairs for my third orgasm of the day!


Grey Summer said...

What a hot fantasy! I'm sure you aren't the only one needing to excuse themselves. ;-)

bigd44 said...

Wow, Mimi that was sexy story! Such a naughty lady. Sounds like things are getting better all the time! So did you excuse yourself to go upstaires? I can't wait to read about what you do next!