Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Her New Employee, Pt. 1

There is a girl at my office, much younger than I, mid 20's, who Jay and I find mutually attractive. We joke about it from time to time. We were having such a conversation once in which Jay suggested I should ask B if I could wear her panties. We both laughed, then both stopped cold at the same time, and gasped, "That's hot!" From that exchange grew the following smutty story in my head...

She had been keeping an eye on her new employee for several weeks now. She observed her round little ass as it left her office, gazed discretely at her breasts as she bent over her desk, watched her full, pink lips move as she spoke.

One afternoon when she decided she had seen enough, she asked her new employee to accompany her to lunch. The girl was positively giddy as she accepted her offer. She saw her slip into the restroom 15 minutes before their agreed upon lunchtime, and emerge with fresly applied lipstick, and a well powered nose. She smiled to herself at how eager her new little employee was to impress. She looked forward to discovering just how far she could push her enthusiasm.

When lunchtime arrived, she packed the girl into her car and chauffered her to a mutually pleasing restaurant. They made chit chat on the way, discussing the weather, pets, weekend plans. Once they were seated, she made a few menu recommendations to her guest as they settled comfortably into further "girl talk."

At one point in the midst of this conversation she complimented her new employee on her beautiful green eyes to which she offered a self-concious "thank you." Another point in the conversation found her gazingly openly at the girl's ample breasts until she giggled and blushed. As they wound up their meal, she announced she did have an important reason for inviting her out to lunch today, and suggested they discuss it further in the car.

She paid the bill while the girl again retreated to the restroom to freshen up. She returned seeming anxious and apprehensive about the discussion looming in the car.

When they were seated in the car, the girl immediately blurted out,

"Ma'am I hope you are pleased with my work. I trust it is up to your standard."

To which she offered a soothing, "Oh yes, dear. Everything is fine in that department," as she patted her bare knee.

She then turned to her, her own cleavage spilling out the top of her blouse and said,

"I had simply hoped we might get better acquainted. You would like that, wouldn't you?"

"Ummm hmmm," came the girl's murmered reply.

"I've taken a special interest in you dear. You're a very pleasant addition to our team," she cooed as she leaned closer to the girl.

"I'm so glad you are pleased, ma'am," came the girl's response.

"I am, dear, very please," she agreed, her face inches away from the girl's, her hand resting lightly on her thigh.

She inhaled her cinnamon scented breath just before their lips met. The girl gave a surprised little "oh" as their tongues found each other. The kiss seemed to last an eternity, growing more and more hungry as she ran her hand up the girl's smooth thigh.

She pulled back, stroking the girl's hair and asked, "Shall I continue, dear?"

"Y, ye, ye, yesss ma'am," came her breathy reply.


Grey Summer said...

Oh, you tease! Leave us hanging just after the first kiss! Now we are "all dressed up and no where to go". ;-) I know the follow up(s) will be worth it!

bigd44 said...

Very sexy story Mimi. I can't wait to see where this story goes. Have you ever been with another woman? If you and Jay brought a woman into your bed, would you want her to be a dom or sub?

Mimi said...

Grey...Patience my young grasshopper. The reward will be great in the end.

Big D...I have pondered it often, but never been with a woman. I tend to think I would want her to be a sub if I were in a D/s sort of situation. For whatever reason, I only want to be dominated by a man. My personality is very submissive though, so I am not certain I could properly dominate another woman. I suppose it might be fun to experiment with though.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to wear your panties as much as you'd like to wear hers.