Sunday, November 22, 2009


Yesterday morning, in the wee hours before light, our little girl came creeping into bed with us along with her dog, whispering to me that she had a bad dream. It was a pretty scary one as she related to me later, involving witches in a cage in our hotel room (we went out of town last weekend and stayed in a hotel) laughing and cackling and coming after her.

She promptly fell back to sleep tucked safely between Jay and I. I laid there spooned up against her, an arm thrown over her, a dog snuggled on either side of my legs, and reached over to hold a sleeping Jay's hand. I realized at that moment, that this was the meaning of bliss. Right here in this bed was nearly everything I love most in this world with the exception of my son still snoozing in his own room. I realized that despite all my bitching and moaning about how hard it all is (working, raising kids, juggling bills, etc), God has smiled on me with riches beyond my wildest imaginings.

As we anticipate the coming of Thanksgiving this week, I am thankful for a sleepy moment cuddled in bed with those I love most in the world. What are you thankful for?


Sexy at Forty said...

I am thankful I am a healthy 42 year old lady. Thankful for my bf of 6 years that puts up with all my crap, and three great kids. :)

bigd44 said...

That was very nice!

Grey Summer said...

I'm thankful that I get to see my daughter as often as I do and that she is a wonderful person.

R and D said...

R- I'm thankful for a loving wife of 34 yrs. Her warm embrace under the covers in the early AM, her devotion, and willingness to explore our love.
D-I am thankful for the my family most of all. Also for my husband who is so patient with me. I like him even more now than when we first got together.

The Rainbow Bank said...

I have enjoyed my visit.You write well and this is what makes your site interesting.Anybody can shag but not everybody can write.

Charli said...

What a wonderful feeling! I could just imagine the warmth spreading over me as I read it. Perfect. It is true that all too often we forget about what is really important and how very lucky we are.

Happy Holidays.