Friday, November 13, 2009

Her New Employee, Pt. 2

She sought her mouth again, their tongues dancing in each other's mouths as her hand roamed freely under the girl's skirt until she reached her panties already beginning to soak through with moisture.

"Why don't we get a bit more comfortable, dear," she cooed as she began to undress the girl. When the girl removed her bra, freeing her magnificent breasts for the firl time, she gasped with their loveliness.

"Wh, wha, what is it ma'am?" the girl asked self conciously as she attempted to cover her exposure with her hands.

"Oh my dear, you have such beautiful breasts," she praised as she gently lowered her hands.

She took them in her hands and squeezed, tweaking each nipple as the girl shivered with pleasure. She moved from the driver's seat to the passenger cabin as she laid against the girl and took her breasts into her mouth. She watched as she arched her back and moaned with pleasure as she sucked and nibbled each lovely, round breast.

She slowly began to lick and kiss her way down the girl's body until her face was inches from the burning heat between the girl's legs. She could smell her arousal through her visibly wet panties. She moved the panties to the side and flicked her tongue over the girl's swollen lips at which her whole body bucked off gthe seat as she let out a loud groan.

"Shall we move forward with the meeting dear?" she probed.

"Yes ma'am, please," she moaned.

With that acquiescence, she buried her face in the girl's sloppy wet cunt. She drank in her heat and scent and taste as she delicately flicked her tongue over one side of her pebble hard little clit as she slid a finger inside her wet little hole.

Her head moved ever so slightly back and forth as she drug her tongue over the girl's clit. The girl's naked body writhed and gyrated above her as she reached up to pinch her pink little nipples. Her breath came in ragged gasps as she came nearer and nearer to release...


Grey Summer said...

It is soooo good.

bigd44 said...

Mimi, this story is getting pretty hot! I only have one complaint...the chapters are too short! lol You get me hard and excited then it's over...aarrhgh!
Can't wait to read what happens next.

Mimi said...

Grey...It is soooo good, isn't it?!

Big D...It's the big tease to keep you coming back for more! Never fear, the final installment is on it's way.