Monday, November 16, 2009

Her New Employee, Conclusion

When she had the girl on the edge, she stopped, slid her body along the girl's until she was inches from her face, a finger still inside her slippery cunt.

"Do you want me to bring this meeting to it's conclusion?"

"Ye, yessss ma'am, please," the girl begged.

"Are you going to be a good girl? Are you going to always do as your boss instructs you?"

"Oh yes, ma'am," she nodded earnestly, her eyes glowing with delight.

"Your little cunt is throbbing right now, isn't it?"

"Oh God, yes ma'am. Please make it stop," she pleaded.

"There, there sweetheart. I'm going to make everything alright. And in return, we will convene meetings such as this whenever I see fit," she asserted as she worked her way back down the girl's body.

"Oh yes ma'am. Whatever you say ma'am," came her reply as she spread her legs even wider apart in anticipation of her much sought after relief.

She lowered her head between the girl's legs, her mouth sucking in her clit, her tongue circling it as her lips sucked. She slipped one, then two fingers inside her vagina, fucking her steadily with them.

The girl's hand slapped against the window as her body arched off the seat, her thighs clamping down around her boss' head as she came all over her face. She flooded her boss' mouth with her juices as she moaned her ectasy.

When it was done she threw the girl's clothing at her and barked,

"Get dressed. You've wasted too much of my afternoon with your whorish needs."

"Yes ma'am," came the meek reply.

As the girl began to slip her panties back on, she reached over and took them from her.

"Uh,uh, uh," she tutted. "I'll keep these," she announced as she slipped them on underneath her skirt.

She drove the girl back to work and deposited her at her desk. She delighted in continuing her work day with the girl's wet panties pressed against her own slippery sex.

Moments before the girl's scheduled departure time, she discretely deposited the panties into the girl's lap.

"You are to put these back on dear and wear them home. When you get there, you are to take them off and breath deeply the scent of our two wet cunts."

"When you arrive tomorrow, I want a full report before I give you the day's assignments."

"Yes, ma'am. I'll do exactly as you have instructed," she replied as she scurried out the door, eager to complete her tasks.

She smiled with satisfaction as she watched the girl leave knowing the pleasure she would derive from training this newest little toy.


bigd44 said...

That was a pretty hot ending! Just what you need Mimi, a hot little sex toy of your very own, to use and abuse whenever you want!! Can't wait to see what you come up with next. I love the way your mind has been operating lately. I hope that Jay has been enjoying this latest wave of sexual excitement.

Has Jay let you wear the spiked bra lately? Did you guys think about my panty idea?

Grey Summer said...

Your ending did not disappoint! Mine was okay too. ;-)

Missus Singapore said...

Super super post. Keep it up my fellow Milf!