Sunday, October 11, 2009


This week has been a pretty bad one. It was the week before my period was due to arrive. As I have described in previous posts, since going off the pill in the spring, I seem to have some sort of turbo PMS each month, sinking down into some pretty intense depression and anxiety that subsides as soon as my menses arrives each month. This month was no exception. I was pleased with myself that I even managed to drag myself out of bed each day and go to work when my only desire in life was to pull the covers over my head and not see another living soul.

Poor Jay wants to help, wants to solve the problem for me and feels helpless that he cannot. He also feels deeply frustrated that he gets even less sex during this time than normal. We had a pretty intense conversation about it this weekend in which we each tried to express our perceptions, feelings and frustrations. I intend to take some steps to help myself, and help our marriage in the process.

This morning I woke up feeling much different (a trip to the bathroom would later reveal that my friend, Aunt Flo, had officially arrived). I no longer felt the overwhelming urge to bury my head under the covers and cry. I felt much more clear headed, much less burdened, much more human, and deeply aroused by the scent of my husband still sleeping next to me.

I quietly read my book (The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory which is a delicious read so far, if anyone is interested) and let him continue to snooze for a while. When I could stand it no longer, I snuggled up against his back, spooning him, our legs entwined, my fingers interlaced with his. The feeling was pure bliss. I could have stayed in that position all day if not for my burning need for more.

I began to slowly caress his chest, kissing the back of his neck, breathing in his unique scent that has always both comforted and aroused me. He rolled over and I reached down between his legs and began to stroke his hard cock, pressing it against my thigh as I rubbed. His hand found it's way to my erect nipple and began to pinch as I moaned my pleasure.

I rolled over on my side, my cunt engorged with blood, whispering that I wanted him to rub his cock against my ass. We have not engaged in this particular position in quite some time, but it is a huge turn on for me. To spread my ass cheeks for him, feel him stroking his cock behind me, hear his breath in my ear, anxiously awaiting his hot release all over my ass. God, it gets me hot just to think about it.

We did this for some time, his cock and my ass slathered in lube. I fully expected him to stroke himself until he came all over me. I was a bit confused when he got onto is knees, me still on my side, ass cheeks still spread. In an instant I realized what he meant to do. His swollen cock found its way to the entrance of my asshole and slowly pushed in.

I groaned as my asshole stretched to accomodate him. He began to slowly push in and out as I began to sink into subspace like only a good ass fucking can do for me. Not even the most vicious of beatings can take me to the same place as his cock in my ass.

I was soon panting, writhing beneath him in a mixture of pleasure and pain as he pushed in harder and harder.

"Fuck my ass, Daddy," I moaned.

"Oh I have to do as you say. I have to let you fuck me in the ass," I whispered getting myself more and more worked up.

I pulled the pillows over my head and felt my world shrink around me as I became aware of nothing but the sensations coursing through my body, and my complete submission to the man above me.

"Rub your clit," Daddy ordered as he continued thrusting into my ass.

I placed my hand obediently between my legs and gasped, "Oh, I'm so wet Daddy."

And I was. My clit was slick with my juices. My finger circled my hard clit as Daddy fucked me on and on. He bucked against me as we both emitted gutteral sounds into the room. I couldn't help but observe how animalistic it all was...his scent turning me on, his cock thrusting violently into me, taking what it wanted/needed, the non-verbal sounds spilling from each of us.

"Yes Daddy, fill me up. Cum in my ass Daddy," I begged.

His thrusts impossibly increased in violence. He gripped my hips and plunged violently into my ass, eventually spilling his release inside me, pulling out to finish cuming all over my ass.

Need I say, the rest of our day together has been most wonderfully pleasant?!


Sexy at Forty said...

I totally get what you are saying. I am due any day and all I have been is mad or weepy. I hate hormones. V and I have not had sex in like weeks I think... I don't even know! I am just miserable..
As for ass fucking - I too love it- but once in a V is cute, he will say, "hunny... It's a while, can we?" and sometimes I am all for it... Lol

Little Jiggle said...

Ignoring the fact that you write really well, I have to say that reading that was probably the sexiest moment of my day. Yikes.

bigd44 said...

Mimi, very sexy post! Sorry to hear about the problems with your little friend.(that's what the wife and I call it)We guys try to help but usally only make it worse. My wife says I just don't understand!
Way to let your body think for you instead of your head. It sounds like you had a very hot and sexy morning! Funny how morning sex makes the whole day better. Keep thinking with your body, don't let your head talk you out of having fun.