Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fuck My Mouth

I took a much needed mental health day last Wedneday, and it was everything I thought it could be!! I slept in, I drank coffee and read blogs in a leisurely manner, I watched a movie*, I took a nap, oh and I took some photos for Jay that I am excited to share with you soon.

Let's just say I was good and warmed up for Jay by the time the evening rolled around. After proudly presenting my pictures and video to him, I locked the bedroom door. We began to kiss, our tongues delicately dancing in each other's mouth's. His hand went under my shirt to twist my nipples. The shirt and pants soon came off. My nipple went into his mouth, between his teeth.

"Pull it out," he murmured.

I did as I was told and audibly gasped with the sharp sensation of his teeth releasing my nipple.

I laid on my back, suggesting that he might want to fuck my mouth. I was hungry for it. I squirmed around as he mounted me;opened my mouth wide as his cock slid down my throat. He pushed all the way to the back of my throat as my tongue circled the base of his shaft, his pubic hairs tickling my face, his wonderful scent filling my nostrils. He pulled out, and shoved his balls in my face. I licked and sucked them, as he guided my hand down to my ass, shoving my finger in my asshole as he wanted.

And then that wonderful man gripped my hair in his hands, raised my head up by the handful of hair and began to fuck my mouth as I shoved my finger deep into my ass. I sucked and licked trying very hard to please. He rubbed his cock all over my mouth and face as I kissed his inner thighs.

He then lubed his cock up, moved down between my legs, spread them wide with one leg thrown over his shoulder, and stroked himself as he watched me finger my ass while rubbing my clit.

I began to fear I was not going to get a faceful of cum which was my heart's desire this particular evening. So I squirmed down until my face was beneath his cock again, my finger still buried in my ass, my clit growing harder and coated in my own juices. I rubbed it faster and faster, the sound of his cock slipping in and out of his hand right next to my ear sending me into a frenzy of ectasy.

"You're gonna make me cum," I grunted out between clenched teeth just before I began to pulse in orgasm.

He responded by shooting all over my face and hair, hot, sticky and wet. I stuck out my tongue to lick up what I could reach, before turning my head to gently lick his still throbbing cock.

He collapsed beside me on the bed. I reached out to gently take his softening cock in my hand, just holding it, my face still dripping with his cum as we came back down from the high.

Somehow or other cum managed to drip into my eye before I went to clean myself up. Are you aware that cum in the eye stings? Are you further aware that cum in the eye makes one's eye bloodshot for hours? I would recommend avoiding cum in the eye if at all possible...hehehe!

* For anyone who may be interested, the movie I watched was Seven Pounds with Will Smith. I had never heard of this movie until I came across it surfing channels. It is one of those rare gems I always feel so pleased with myself for finding. If you are looking for funny Will Smith or action hero Will Smith, this is not your movie. He gave however, one of the most authentic, moving performances I have ever witnessed. I dont want to reveal too much of the plot as the movie unfolds piece by piece, never revealing the full story until the last 15 minutes or so of the film. I will say it tells the story of a man in despair searching for redemption. I marveled at how he managed to carry such a genuine look of despair on his face for the entire film. It reminded me that acting truely can be an art evoking the full range of human emotions. For anyone who has seen the film, I would love to know what you thought of it.


Sexy at Forty said...

That was a great movie. It made me cry..
I love movies like that as well.
I also know all too well how bad cum stings! Good gawd!
When V gets it in my eye my eye gets bloodshot, stings, itches and burns! It's awful!

Grey Summer said...

Are you sure you don't write for Penthouse Forum? ;-) That is so sexy that you both finished by watching each other jack/jill off. Sorry you had to find out the hard way about the cum in the eye thing. Just don't start wearing safety goggles. Sooooooooo not sexy.

I'm a big fan of Will Smith's movies (just watched Bad Boys yet again last night) and will watch anything he's in. I always enjoy his movies, yes, even Wild Wild West. I've stayed away from Seven Pounds because I sort of know what it's about and (minor spoiler) I've been staying away from depressing/sad movies for a while now. If you liked Smith in Seven Pounds, see The Pursuit of Happyness. I saw it and enjoyed it thoroughly. It's another drama and Smith gives another fantastic performance.

Mimi said...

Sexy...Yeah, cum in the eye is decidely NOT pleasant!

Grey...I promise to keep away from the safety goggles...LOL.

Thanks for the recommendation on The Pursuit of Happiness. I will definately check it out. I too love Will Smith, and I wouldn't kick him out of my bed,either...LOL. He is one sexy man. I guess because he seems like such a genuinely good guy. I've loved him since The Fresh Prince of Bel Air dsys! I wonder whatever happened to DJ Jazzy Jeff? :-)

bigd44 said...

Very hot story Mimi! Way to take care of Jay. Was he surprised to come home and find you so horny? Hope we get so see some of the pics you took during the day. I like how you have been acting over the last couple weeks! Keep it up(no pun intended), can't wait to read whatever happens next.

I haven't seen that movie, but everything I've seen Will Smith in has been very good!

Mimi said...

Big D...Jay and I are also throughly enjoying how I have been acting lately ...LOL. I hope with all my heart this attitude is here to stay! Thanks for being such a devoted reader and commenter :-)