Thursday, October 29, 2009

HNT: French Maid

So Jay and I are excited about Halloween night. After taking our daughter trick or treating, she is going to her grandparents, her brother is going to a friend's house and Jay and I are heading off to a Halloween "event." This is not just any event. It is billed as "Erotic Evil," with the overriding theme being BDSM oriented.

Below is the costume I have purchased for the evening's debauchery. Jay will be a "refined gentleman" attired in suit, bow tie and monocle. He plans to affix my collar around my neck and lead his little french maid around by a leash. He also tells me he will be carrying his paddle with him so that he may swat my wayward little ass periodically throughout the evening.

Oohh, I'm so excited just thinking about it. I can't wait!!


Jman37 said...


You look fucking HOT! Jay is one lucky man, I would be honored to have someone as hot and sexy as you on my arm at my Halloween party! I hope he puts the paddle to good use.....

bigd44 said...

This sounds like alot of fun. I hope you get plenty of spankings through out the night! Will Jay allow others to spank you if you need it? I can't wait to read about all the kinky details! You guys might even get some new ideas for future use. Have fun...and think with your body!

Anonymous said...

very sexy costume! Have a great time!

xo mina

Grey Summer said...

Sounds like a hot time! I'm looking forward to the story.

The costume is great and you look fantastic in it! Fishnets are always a good choice. Thanks for the photo.