Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lurkers Unite!

Today is a very special day I am told. Today is the day all those who have been silent so long finally get a voice. I know you're there. You are the one who pops by every few days to scan the latest smut I have offered up, or perhaps you are the one who eagerly awaits each new posting, greedily gulping down every last filthy drop, or maybe, just maybe, you are the one who sits in judgement of the experiences and desires I relate, secretly wishing you had the nerve to be so deviant in your own life. Sadly, very few of you ever tell me what you are thinking and feeling about the words I put on paper, or in this case, computer screen.

Whoever you are, I'd like to hear from you today on this very special, "Love Our Lurkers Day 2009." Tell me why you continue to read, tell me why you choose not to comment, tell me which postings have been your favorites, give me suggestions and ideas for new stories or new real life sexual adventures, say what you've always wanted to say but never took the time to write.

Come on, make a girl feel good, post a comment today


Jim said...

I would, but I'm still having difficulty sitting still after reading the post right before this one . . . ;-)


Jman37 said...

I found your blog only a couple of weeks. It took me a couple of weeks to get through it all (I started at the beginning!) and I am finally caught up. Previously, I did not comment because I didn't know if you looked at comments at older posts. However, I have now broken my silence!
I LOVE your blog, it refreshing to read someone who is so honest and sexually open. If only I could get my wife to open up like you (literally and figuratively!).

Keep up the great posts, I certainly look forward to them!!

Oh yeah...my only request or comment would be more HNT pictures! You are gorgeous and seeing more of your deliciousness is never a bad thing!

Hermione said...


I'm a regular visitor to your blog, and enjoy your posts.
LOL day is so much fun!


Anonymous said...

De-lurking here. Have actually been reading your blog for a little while.
I enjoy what you write. Thanks.

Casey Morgan said...

Wow, let's hear it for LOL day. I just found this blog, and why on earth haven't I seen it before? Your writing is excellent and induces in me the I-wouldn't-have-thought-I-was-into-this-but-omg-it's-hot reaction. Also, I share your weakness for English accents. My husband was English. Must be hard-wiring.

Anyway, looking forward to reading regularly!

Grey Summer said...

Hi Mimi,
I found your blog a while ago and I've been a frequent lurker until recently when I started leaving comments.

why you continue to read - your erotica (fiction or non) kicks ass and gets me so hard the cat couldn't scratch it and I can identify with some of the things you are going through

why you choose not to comment - at first it was because I wasn't checking in all that often and didn't have much to add, but as I found myself checking daily I said, "she really deserves feedback and praise"

which postings have been your favorites - golly, that's tough. I enjoy all of them really. I guess my favorites are the tales of your real sex life and your fantasies.

suggestions and ideas for new stories or new real life sexual adventures - stories - MFM or FMF 3somes; real life - sex in a car, masturbate each other under the table in a restaurant or bar, more sex in public (but safe), sex in a movie theater, more adventures at the adult book store, get a strap on and have Jay wear it and he can DP you, and of course more photos (I'm a guy, what do you want?) Sorry if any of these have been done. I haven't gone through all of your "back issues" yet.

I just want to say thanks for sharing everything with us. And we like to get feedback too. ;-)

Sexy at Forty said...

I don't lurk. But I thought I'd say *heeeey*

I've been reading you for a bit. We have much in common. :)

Mimi said...

Jim...I cant imagine why you would be having trouble sitting, dear. Oh yes, perhaps it was all the ass fucking in the previous post, hmm? :-)

Jman...I'm flattered that you took the time to read the entire blog! I'm glad you are enjoying it. Funny you should request more pics...I actually have been planning to participate in HNT this week as I have a pic I think is really hot and have been dying to share :-)

Hermione...Thank you for breaking your silence and letting me know you are here. And yes, I am rather enjoying myself this LOL day!

Pinkpoppet...May I first say, I'm uncertain to what your name refers, but I love how it sounds...rather alliterative and catchy! Glad you chose to let me know you are here today!

Casey Morgan...Just exactly what hot thing is it that you wouldn't have thought you were into? Would it perhaps be my penchant for being spanked? Perhaps it's how I enjoy calling my husband "Daddy" in sexual situations which, by the way, took him some time to adjust to as well:-) Or maybe its the whole "toilet licking" thing a few posts back..."His Submissive Slut," I believe it was titled. That one kinda came out of nowhere and actually induced the same "I wouldn't have thought I was into this but omg it's hot" reaction in me as well. I'm glad you intend to return for more of my debauchery.

Grey Summer...I have noted your comments lately and enjoyed them. I absolutely know that I am rather lax in responding to comments. In all honesty it is just about all I can do to actually make posts in between the busyness that is my life! I'll read comments at work as they come to my email and tell myself I will respond later at home, and somehow I never get around to it. I vow to improve on that!

I love the imagery of a cock so hard the cat couldn't scratch it. That must be one rigid piece of wood...hehehehe.

I like the strap on idea. We have used some of my toys for DP, but never thought of a strap on! Of course, you would have to encourage Jay on the whole sex in public thing..LOL!! It's never been my favorite thing, but he being the man he is, really loves it. I just cant get comfortalbe enough to get very turned on when I am worried about being discovered at any moment. As for the picture thing..I'll refer you to my response to Jman :-)

Sexy at Fourty...Thanks for stopping by, girl. And yes, we do indeed have much in common. I hope you are feeling better today :-)

TC said...

Yeah a little late to respond to this one but hey.

I read over 100 sex bloggers on a near daily basis and rate the blogs on how interested I am in them i.e. super, good, normal.

You're in the super category with a handful of others.

I mainly read blogs to alleviate the boredom at work and the fact that I love sex and people.

Personally I try not to judge people who write blogs but I do question the need for bloggers to want to do it and I always come back to the point that sex bloggers have some sort of insecurity going on that requires them to seek accept/acknowledgment/recognition for what they do and who they are.

I dunno I could be very wrong with this point, what do you think?

Mimi said...

TC...I'm pleased that I belong in your "super" category.

As for the reasons people blog at all...I have always thought it to be a rather self indulgent activity often with a heavy dose of hubris whether a sex blog or otherwise. I've always receognized this, but do it anyway b/c I rather enjoy it and it seems others enjoy what I have to say.

As for the insecurities...I think you're on to something there, but maybe not in the way that you think. I readily admit I do have insecurities in various areas of my life, but sex is not one of them. Sex is one of the things I believe I do very well. So I suppose I enjoy flaunting a skill I am very good at and basking in the validation I receive for it.

Thanks for the tought provoking comment.

Bonnie said...

Hi Mimi,

I don't think I've commented here before, so that makes this message a de-lurk. Yea!

Anyhow, I wanted to compliment you on a great blog and thank you for being a part of our very successful Love Our Lurkers Day.


bigd44 said...

Wow Mimi you must be loving all these comments! I Love your and Jays adventures. Alot of them are things my wife and I have done or would like to try(except the cane she doesn't want to even try that!) I hadn't checked you out for maybe a week, and now I have some catch up to do in my reading. I'm glad that you you got so many comments, and hope some of these people continue to write you. It must make it easier to post when you know there are people reading it.
As for requests I would love to see more pics, like Grey said I'm a man what do you expect! I love reading both your real life and fantasy blogs, so keep them comming. Besides I know your fantasies always have a chance to become reality!

R and D said...

Like the "Cronicles of Narnia" my wife and I have wondered through the closet and found ourselves in a land we did not know of. We finally got to the end of the blog and have returned here to surrender our lurking license. We enjoy the subtle human side mixed in with your sexcapdes. Feeling your struggles, successes, and fantasies.

We have started discovering this sexual subculture and now find ourselves looking at others and wondering, are they a closet sex lover? May send an email if time allows, with questions, comments and a story you inspired.

By the way we like Jays politics.

Best wishes

Mimi said...

R and D...I am flattered that you actually took the time to read the whole blog.

I welcome any questions or comments you might have, and I'm dying to hear more about this story I've inspired!!