Saturday, October 24, 2009

In the Closet

Last Tuesday Jay messaged me saying simply that I ws to pick out some panties to wear under my PJ's after my shower that evening. I replied back in agreement, and did just as I had been instructed.

After getting the 6 year old in bed, and observing that our son was engaged in video games in his room after completing his homework, I returned to our bedroom and locked the door as I had been directed to do. I found Jay busily arranging rope on the closet door, and knew I was in for a deviant evening.

When his preparations were complete in the closet, he came to me in the bedroom waiting for him in nothing but my black panties. He carefully fastened my ankle and wrist cuffs before leading me into the closet. There, he buckled my collar tightly around my neck before lashing me face first to the door by both collar and wrist cuffs, suspending my arms overhead.

He began with a few slaps to my ass with his bare hand. He soon moved to a more effective tool...the crop. He began with short, soft little slaps giving me time to sink down into that "place." The blows built in intensity, the sharp "crack" of the crop meeting the flesh of my ass growing louder and louder in the tiny closet. I felt myself sinking down into my "happy place" where I would gladly do anything for him if only he would continue to beat me black and blue.

He lowered his pants behind me and began to rub his hard cock against my panties. I pushed back into him with my growing need to be filled.

"You like that? You want that inside you?"

"Yes, Sir," I mewed.

He slapped my ass a few more times before slipping my panties off as he bent down to attach a spreader bar to my ankle cuffs. as he did this he spoke to me,

"Do you know what stuffing is, little girl?"

"No, Sir," I answered apprehensively.

"Well you are going to learn. Daddy's going to teach you," he replied.

I began to grow a bit nervous. I knew he must mean to stuff my pussy with something; it was the not knowing with what that had me worried.

When he had my legs properly restrained and parted, he took my panties in his hand and proceeded to stuff them inside my cunt until they hung there between my spread legs. He then went back to his work on my ass...spanking ever louder and harder.

When the panties eventually fell out of me, he took them and stuffed them into my mouth. The crop continued it's assault on my ass. I moaned with each delicious, stinging blow. My arms grew more and more uncomfortable suspended over my head. I began to squirm about, seeking relief. I complained around the gag of panties in my mouth, hoping he would release me.

"Did you just ask me to let you go?" he bellowed.

I nodded my head silently and mumbled, "Yes, Sir," around the gag.

"I can't fucking believe you just did that," he hissed.

He reached into his bad and I heard a distinctive "click" behind me that I knew almost immediately was a knife being opened. I had expressed my desire for knife play to him several times long ago, but had accepted that it was something he was just too uncomfortable with. I shivered with a mixture of genuine fear and arousal at the thought of a knife in his hands behind me.

He drug the edge of the knife across my burning ass, tracing it over my vulnerable skin. I believed he might have cut me, but was uncertain if it was simply the stinging of my welts I felt.

My breathing grew more labored as my arousal increased. I felt my pussy going slippery with my excitement. He lifted my breast and began to run the blade underneath it. I tried to remain very still to avoid being cut, yet my whole body shook as I snorted air in and out of my nostrils like a spooked horse.

The knife moved to my upper back as he tapped the point of the blade against me. When he had had enough, he jerked my head back by my hair, laid the smooth, cold side of the knifeblade against my throat and whispered against my ear,

"Are you ever going to ask me to let you go again?"

"No, Sir," came my obedient reply.

With that he took mercy on me, removing all my restraints. He had me step back into my panties, wet in places from my mouth.

"I'm going to fuck you in these panties and you're going to eat my cum from them," he asserted.

"Get on your knees," he ordered.

When I had complied, he told me,

"When I open this door, you are to crawl on your hands and knees to the bed. Do you understand?"

I nodded that I did.

He opened the door and I crawled as instructed with him behind me swatting my bottom with the crop as if urging a stupid animal in the right direction.

He directed me up onto the bed (he had been thoughtful enough to light a scented candle giving the bedroom a sexy aura) where he immediately pulled me to him, shoved my panties to the side and began to fuck me.

We fucked furiously, both of us sexually charged with the scene that had just played out in the closet. When he came, it was hot and sticky and messy.

We lay next to each other only for moments before he instructed me to take off the panties. I hesitantly removed my underwear knowing what was coming.

He propped himself up on an elbow and said with an evil gleam in his eye,

"Do it, baby. Eat my cum."

Now I have no problem swallowing cum as it explodes into my mouth. I have no problem holding it in my mouth for a few moments before swallowing, but somehow once it has left the body and landed on another suface to grow cold with dying sperm, it becomes less than desirable to me. Jay knows this since we've had conversations about it in the past. Which is exactly why he asked me to the lick his cum from my panties.

Ever longing to play the game with him, I did as I was told. I brought my underwear to my mouth, stuck out my tongue as he watched and slurped his cum into my mouth. I quickly swallowed lest I gag on the already cooling fluid as my pussy stirred again with the humiliation of the act.

"Good girl," he cooed as he kissed my cheek.

And that's the story of what happened in our closet on Tuesday night!


Sexy at Forty said...

I am the same way with cum. It's a texture thing for me I think. I'm not all that fond of the taste, I don't think I could have licked it off my panties though - I would have been gagging for sure! lol

bigd44 said...

Very hot sexy story Mimi! Love your submissive play time. Very hot eating cum from your panties. It sounds like you two are having a nice fun little run here. Keep it rolling sexy!

Mimi said...

Sexy...I didn't think I could either, until I was told to, hehehe.

Big D..Sssssh, I dont want to jinx it!!! Yeah, we have had a great run of hot sex these last few weeks. This weekend should prove to spice it up even more!

Grey Summer said...

Great new story! Very steamy! Mazeltov to Jay for overcoming another hurdle. Knife play can be so sexy!

bigd44 said...

I can't wait to read about what is happening this weekend. I'm sure it will be hot, and sexy.
I ment to say in my first comments, you kids be careful with the knife play. One wrong slip and you could have some explaining to do.

Jman37 said...

GREAT post Mimi! Awesome that you have such a great relationship that has the trust to do Knife Play. Great scene - sounds like he is getting more and more dominant each month!

Mimi said...

Grey...yes adding the element of the knife was very hot!

Big D...I will give a little hint of the weekend with this week's HNT.

Jman...Yes, it is only b/c I trust Jay so completely that we can enjoy the knife play. I don't think it's so much that Jay is becoming more dominant than My sex drive has picked up and I am willing to play more and let him experiment more.