Thursday, March 22, 2012


Jay and I had quite the erotic time last night. We began with some light kissing and stroking before he moved down to my breasts just begging for attention. He took my breast into his mouth and began to suck as I had a sharp intake of breath and arched my back towards him. He sucked steadily for a good 10 minutes as I planted small kisses along his forehead murmumering my love for him. Pleasure coursed through my whole body as his mouth remained glued to my nipple.

He came up for air and moved to the other breast. The first breast was leaking tiny drops of colostrum as he tweaked and twisted it while fiercly suckling the 2nd breast. The pleasure was nearly unbearable. It raced along my body as my cunt flowed freely and seemed to develop a pulse of it's own. I used my foot to gently stroke his rock hard cock as he continued to suckle.

When he had suckled a good 20 minutes, he bade me to his pulsing cock. I leaned over and sucked his cock balls deep into my mouth. My hand cradled and massaged his balls as my mouth worked up and down his cock, tongue in motion up and down the shaft and around the head.

When he could stand it no longer, he shoved me to my back, poured oil all over my breasts, and shoved his cock between them as I held them tightly together for him. Watching his cock pump in and out between my breasts was a thing of beauty. Even more sublime was looking up at him, watching the pleasure on his face, and the powerful feeling of being towered over. He stradled me as he fucked my breasts, effectively pinning me to the bed. His thrusts became more urgent as he neared his release. He braced himself on the headboard of the bed, and powerfully thrust between my slick breasts. I began to moan, urging him on, wanting his cum all over me. When he let it go, it shot out all over my face, some straight into my mouth, all over my tits. I moaned as I licked droplets from my face, a large glob slowly rolling down from my tits to my belly.

My but we are having such fun with my breasts lately. My pump is due to arrive on Saturday. I am all atwitter with excitement!!!

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