Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh What a Lovely Evening We Had

Jay and I had such an erotic, arousing night this evening. Raise your hand if you remember my Hot Englishman! We have been back in touch over the past 2 or 3 months. Jay and I have communicated quite a bit on the subject of what we each want in our "adventurous" sex play. I am now ok with and even excited about being shared. There are very strict parameters set up that I won't bore you with.

We first met the Hot Englishment about 3 years ago. He flew to Atlanta on business a number of times and I was still very uncertain about what I wanted so I regretfully turned this very wonderful man down more than once. He is hoping to come to Atlanta again fairly soon, and this time I won't be turning him down.

We had a rather hot cam session tonight, although technical difficulties did make it less than perfect. Being in the UK and having to compensate for the time difference this sweet or more accurately put horny man actually set an alarm to wake him to meet us at the agreed upon time. How he managed to actually get up from a dead sleep I have no idea...LOL.

Have I mentioned that this man is highly attractive, even more so butt ass naked with his hard cock in his hand. Tonight was the first time we actually spoke with each other. His accent makes me want to melt like butter.

Jay had to leave the room for a few minutes which left Mr. Englishman and I to carry on alone. And carry on we did. I spread my wet pussy for him and inserted one of my favorite dildos while fucking myself vigourously. He stood stroking his cock for me, and I so wanted to lick his chest and abdomen as my eyes feasted on him.

He brought his cock closer to the camera for me as I grew wetter and wetter, fingering my now hard little clit. He told me how he wanted to have me suck his balls and shove my tongue inside his ass. He wanted to lick my clit as Jay fucked me. I told him how I wanted him to fuck me after Jeff had cum inside me. I panted out that then I wanted him to cum in me, and get between my legs and lick all the cum out of me. At this point, I lost all control. "I'm going to cum Mr. Englishman, I'm going to cum" I managed to get out as I came hard on my fingers.

Jay returned soon after this. We all joked about the fact that I was such a slut I had already cum while he was gone. I sucked Jay's cock while Hot Englishman watched trying to demonstrate what I wanted to do for him. Licking his balls, taking his cock to the back of my throat, gagging on it, gently sucking and licking the head.

Jay placed himself between my legs and began to lick my still sensitive clit as my eyes continued to feast on the Hot Englisman's body. I was soon writhing in pleasure. Daddy looked up at me and said "Don't you cum" I mewed my displeasure but held myself back. A few more mimutes of licking and I was on the edge again. "Daddy, please can I come?" "Ask Hot Englishman if you can come." Dammit he wouldn't let me come either!! "Five more seconds" He must have repeated that for a full damn minute until I was finally allowed to explode again.

Jay then had me on my back and inserted his cock in me as I watched Hot Englishman's cock grow even larger as he stroked faster and faster. My hips pumped at Jay as Mr. Englishman pumped his cock into his hand. I grunted out how much I wanted his cock in my mouth right now. He asked if I could get two cocks in my mouth at once. I innocently replied "I don't know, I've never tried it." The thought of it however made me even wetter.

Mr. Englishman urged us on, telling Jay to come in me because he wanted to see it dripping out of my cunt. Jay pumped hard and deep until he exploded inside me.

I spread my pussy for my Hot Englishman to give him a view of my wet cum oozing cunt as he stroked harder and harder. I watched intently. There is NOTHING I love more than to watch a man stroke his cock for me and cum all over his hand. Given of course it is a man I know and like and not just some random strange weirdo wanting a chick to watch him get off. My Hot Englishman did not disappoint. When he was done I had this burning desire to lick his cum covered hand clean.

I very much look forward to further adventures with this man.


blossomingmilf said...

Whoa!! That is so hot! Did that really happen or was that just your fantasy? I never thought I'd be interested in fucking one man while another one watched, but I was definitely imagining myself in your position! (No pun intended.)

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