Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Pump

My breast pump arrived on Saturday!!! I was giddy with anticipation until I had the opportunity to use it later that afternoon. It was quite an experience.

I pressed the cone shaped cup to my breast, turned on the pump and felt the familiar tug at my nipple that I recalled from some 9 years ago. Colostrum almost immediately began to trickle out of my nipple. I take that as a good sign that I might eventually have some success with convincing my body to lactate again. Jay also found a tea it is recommended that I drink.

I relaxed and enjoyed the sucking and tugging at my nipple by the pump as Jay lay on the bed with me and watched. After 15 minutes I switched to the other breast, my first breast leaking little droplets of colostrum from the nipple.

As the pump began its tugging at my second breast, Jay handed me my egg and suggested I pleasure myself as the pump did its work. I closed my eyes, the pump sucking at my nipple, the egg vibrating against my clit and imagined Jay and my Hot Englishman each lying alongside me, eagerly sucking milk that was flowing freely from my breasts. I imagined feeling each of their hard cocks pressed against my thighs. I imagined my breasts shooting out streams of milk as they each stroked their cocks over me until their ribbons of cum entwined with the milk pouring from my breasts. Turned on beyond restriant, I felt my cunt begin to spasm as orgasm washed over me in wave after wave. I panted and groaned as the spasms subsided and the pump continued to suck at my tit.

I had the insane idea implanted in my head the other day of experiencing an orgasm at the same time as milk letdown. It seems like more pleasure than I could endure at once, but I am more than eager to give it a try.

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