Sunday, July 17, 2011


"Come here," he commanded in a throaty, sleep swollen voice.

I scooted my backside up against his frontside. His hands wandered to my breasts. He began to squeeze them before moving to the more delicate work at the nipple.

I had an overwhelming desire to watch his hands work on my breasts. I moved the covers down. His muscular, manly hands on my breast evoked a little cry of lust from me. My cunt responded to the sight immediately with a throbbing insistance. He worked the nipple, rolling it between his fingers, pausing to tug the ring running through my pierced nipple until I was moaning and writhing in ectascy.

He flipped me over on my back so he could work both breasts at the same time. I shoved the covers down around my knees so he could watch as I slipped a hand between my legs and began to masturbate as he continued his adoration of my breasts. My clit stood up erect and sensitive, my flowing juices making the rubbing of it even more delicious. I raised my head from the pillow to watch as he tugged at both nipple rings, my hand reaching for and grasping his hard cock. I stroked him for a few moments until my hand flew to my cunt, fingers shoved up inside it as I continued to masturbate my clit.

I climbed higher and higher until I was gasping, "I want to cum. I am going to cum, Daddy."

He squeezed my breasts hard as I bit into the pillow at the side of my head to stifle my moans of orgasm. When I had grunted and groaned my way through the last throes of pleasure, I pleaded, "I need you to fuck me now."

He spread my legs and rested them on his shoulders just before he entered me. That first entry with its soft little "pop" as the head of his cock pushes it's way through my folds is always the sweetest. I moaned quietly as he pushed his way inside my slippery hole. He rocked gently back and forth inside me, building up the pace.

As he thrust harder and harder inside me he spat out through gritted teeth, "I'm going to tie you up at a construction site and let them cum all over you," just before he emptied himself inside me with his own orgasm.

Oh how I love Sunday morning sex. Makes me glad we decided we were too lazy to get up for church this morning!


Bella said...

Whew. That was hot. I have a sudden urge to masturbate myself now. :)

Mimi said...

He he, glad to hear it had that effect on you Bella!

bigd44 said...


Very hot story! Love the nipple play. Isn't morning sex the best! You almost can't have a bad day after that.

Mimi said...

Yes Big D morning sex ranks up there as one of life's greatest pleasures.