Friday, July 8, 2011

A New, Submissive Me

It has been some time since my last post...I apologize for that. Life seems to have a way of getting in the way of blogging. I suppose I did leave everyone hanging a bit with my last post. The much anticipated meeting with our new Mentor never happened due to unforseen developments in his personal life. He did teach us much and advance us further down our D/s path, however without me ever having met him in person at all. For that I thank you Sir. I have continued to make some great strides lately in my quest to submit to Jay.

I really cannot explain it, but something seems to have just fundamentally shifted in me as a person and as a submissive of late...all for the better. Overall, I find myself feeling much more self confident than normal, most especially at work but in my personal life as well. I am much more willing to engage with others socially, and just much happier in general. I told Jay the other day that I feel happier lately than I think I ever have in my life, yet the old pessimist in me keeps waiting for the other shoe to drop as if this can't possibly last forever. I really cannot point to anything in particular responsible for this change as I have been doing nothing at all different in my life.

On the D/s side of things, I feel much more sexual in general with a greatly increased libido. More than that, I truely see Jay as my Master now. I respect him and wish nothing more than to please him with my submission. This new vision culminated in a most pleasing and erotic visit to a local dungeon last Saturday.

Upon entering the place, Master sat on a sofa and directed me to sit on the floor at his feet. He had me retrieve my collar from his bag and present it to him to fasten around my neck. After some time just sitting, he led me around the place by my leash observing and investigating the various pieces of furniture and play things that were there.

After a little more sitting at Master's feet hoping the folks using the St. Andrew's cross would soon be finished with it which they were not...ha, ha....Master had me remove my dress and kneel before him in position 3. He chose to place me on my knees in a stocks like device. He then rubbed my back and bottom with a soft piece of rabbit fur until I felt like purring. From there the crop was brought out and used to smack and warm my ass up. Master then moved on to the flogger as I moaned with his attentions. As the stocks had me in a quite uncomfortable physical position, Master eventually freed me, and chained me face down by the wrists in a standing position to another piece of furniture which I find difficult to describe. It was padded, and shaped rather like a honeycomb of sorts, and curved such that I could recline against it.

Here Master again took out the flogger and began to flog my backside in earnest. I could hear him chatting with a couple who had been watching us. When the flogger was put away, I heard the man ask Master, "Is that bamboo?" at which I began to whimper. I HATE the bamboo cane. It hurts, hurts, hurts. Master rubbed it gently against my backside as I whimpered softly. He began to lighly flick me with it as I tried not to wiggle about too much, already anticipating the sting I knew was coming. Master toyed with me for a bit with light little strokes before unleashing one stinging blow which caused me to cry out.

With that, he put the bamboo cane away, unchained me, offered me some much needed water, as it was very hot in the dungeon and I was coated in a sheen of sweat. When I was suffuciently rested, he shackled me to the device again, face up this time. He then brought out the crop again and began to smack my breasts with it. After some time of this, he retrieved the clothes pins from his bag and began to affix them to my breasts. He allowed a male member of the group that had assembled to watch to caress me as he did this. When the clothes pins were affixed to his liking to my breasts, he ordered me to spread my legs father apart and began to affix them to my labia. I moaned with the sensation, flying high on endorphins already.

Master then began to lightly strike me with the crop, warming me up for the blows that would smack the clothes pins off my breasts. His assistant continued to caress me all over. I felt the male member of the couple who had been watching all night slide his finger into my hand. He had told us earlier as he watched my flogging he had wanted to grip my hand to see how hard I would squeeze and thereby judge the pain I was experiencing. When Master felt I was good and ready he began to smack clothes pins off my breasts one by one. I groaned and cried out with the pain and pleasure, my head tossing to and fro. When all the clothes pins had been smacked off, Master lovingly rubbed me down with the soft rabbit fur. The sensation was exquisite.

He then moved to the clothes pins on my pussy, running his hands over them and batting at them a bit. I hoped and trusted Master would not be so sadistic as to smack those off with the flogger as well, but was preparing myself for whatever he decided his pleasure would be. I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard him tell the couple, "I would not be so sadistic as to smack these off." He began to gently remove them one by one. I cried out with the sharp sensation of pain as blood began to flow back into my labia.

Other pleasures occured during the evening. I was eventually bound by wrists and ankles to the St. Andrew's cross and given another good flogging. Master brought out the large wooden paddle which I also greatly hate! It was given to him as a gift by Mistress Faye's husband some time ago. He lightly rubbed it against my ass teasing me while eventually only giving me a light blow with it. Through the course of the evening, I had the flogger, crop, paddle and whip used on my backside leaving some rather lovely although not terribly numerous marks on my backside...we planned to go to the pool the next day and Master was making a careful attempt not to mark me in areas that would show outside my bikini bottom!

The evening culminated in Master leading me on all fours to the dog cage there. He had me crawl in, still naked. He leaned over and told me to begin to masturbate. I wanted to resist, I wanted to say no, but I wanted even more than that to submit and please my Master. So I reached a hand between my legs and began to masturbate as a roomful of people alternately watched and continued their own conversations. It was humiliating, and I was soaking wet! When this had gone on for some time, Master unlocked the cage and led me out on all fours. He whispered to me that he had a treat for me.

He had me crawl over to a very attractive, and completely naked girl who had been making pointed eye contact with me while I was in the cage. Master then directed me to provide her oral pleasure until she came.

I began to kiss her, tasting her warm wet tongue. I moved down to her breasts, young and firm and a little smaller than my own. I sucked them into my mouth, biting gently at the nipple. After some time spent with her beautiful breasts, I licked and kissed my way down her tummy to her smooth shaven mound. I parted her lips and began to suck her clit. At that same time, her Master grabbed her by the neck and began to squeeze at which she cried out loudly. I hesitated, thinking I had done something to hurt her or something otherwise altogether wrong until I caught the look of ectascy on her face. Her Master laid her back against the bed on which she sat and continued to apply pressure to her throat as I eagerly licked her clit and slid a finger inside her sloppy wet pussy.

I must admit I felt a bit inept and unsure of myself. I have the same equipment, you would think it would be a no brainer that I would know what to do to pleasure her. Still I was entirely unsure I was doing it correctly. When I expressed this to Jay later in the evening he jokingly asked if he was going to have to teach me how to eat pussy, ha, ha! Her clit seemed rather small much like my own. I licked and sucked while fucking her with my finger until she writhed and moaned about and seemed to be genuinely pleasured.

This scene was pretty much the close of our evening. Jay and I soon left after this. Reading this account back now, it sounds like some sort of letter to Penthouse, entirely made up and out of the realm of the possible, yet I assure you it all was indeed very real. I feel that a new world has been opened to Jay and I with a simple change in my own mindset that seemed to have simply come of its own accord with little conncious thought or decision on my part. Our sex these last few weeks has been AMAZING. I dont recall it ever being better in the 13 years we have been together. I feel closer and more in love with him than ever. Life is very good right now.

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That is an amazing night! Master Jay must be so proud of you! Don't worry about that other shoe droping, just enjoy this while it lasts, and who knows it may last forever! I can't wait to read what comes next!