Monday, July 18, 2011

His Wet, Humiliated Sub

When your husband comes out of the bathroom after peeing to tell you he saved some just for you, and you get wet and tingly at the thought of being pissed on, you know you are both a freaky deviant and hopelessly his sub!

This reminds me that I don’t believe I have shared with you, dear reader, the details of the one and only time thus far he has actually peed on me which occurred a few months back.

I was blindfolded and tied down spread eagle on the bed on my stomach. It was a very intense session. I was whacked with the bamboo cane which I HATE over and over again until I legitimately began to cry. The feeling of helplessness is particularly acute when you are restrained and can do very little to escape the blows raining down on your ass.

Next came the Icy Hot on my asshole. Jay has applied the Icy Hot to me several times before sending me off to work in the morning to keep me on his mind all day. It has always resulted in an arousing mixture of pleasure and pain and accomplished the task of keeping him on my mind. This time, however, he meant business! He used much more of it than he ever has before some of which, unfortunately dripped onto my pussy…OUCH!

I took it for as long as I could coupled with more whacks from the cane until I broke. I began to cry and beg and told him he HAD to get it off me right now. He mercifully untied me and led me still blindfolded into the bathroom. He led me to the tub and told me to kneel in it.

I was terribly confused thinking he meant to wash me there in the tub. I knelt there obediently, squirming and moaning and begging him to hurry. He handed me a cold wash cloth and told me to wipe myself which I did. I found some relief this way, but longed to get in the shower and wash thoroughly.

I continued to kneel obediently, still blindfolded, still confused until I felt warm liquid on my chest and arms. At first I thought he was washing me, but the tub was not on. Then I began to sniff the air and blurted out, “Oh my God, are you peeing on me?”

I knelt there both humiliated and deeply aroused as he stood over me and pissed his warm, acrid smelling piss all over my chest and arms and belly. I felt so controlled which translated for me to also highly aroused.

When he was finished, he removed my blindfold and told me to get in the shower and clean myself up.

Afterwards, I went to him, clean and fresh smelling, and he fucked me deep and hard as we both craved.

I can’t wait for him to pee on me again…


Robert said...

Fantastic post. Never have thought of Icy Hot as a punishment before. Some people aren't into water sports, so when I find someone who is, it is extremely hot. Thanks for posting!

Mimi said...

Robert...Nor had I ever thought of Icy Hot! He called it my "slave lotion." I always thought it was something special he had bought somewhere until I caught sight of it one day...LOL.

I must say the interest in water sports is very new for me. I always found it rather odd and distasteful, but also fascinating. I found myself thinking about it more and more, and finally voiced my interest to Jay. I am sure it always turned me on, but I was too ashamed to admit it until recently :-)

bigd44 said...


Seem like only yesterday we both confessed to having an interest in water sports. Now look at you getting wet at just the thought of it! Very sexy!

Mimi said...

Ah yes Big D just a couple of weirdos we are :-)