Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bend Over and Take Your Punishment

I found this picture the other day, and it brought back fond memories of mine and Jay's weekend getaway to the beach last summer. He tried out a fairly new spanking instrument on me...the dreaded cane. Damn, but that thing smarts! Here you'll see my bottom after Jay's loving discipline.


bigd44 said...

Very sexy pic! Love to see a hot red ass after a good spanking! You can feel the heat radiating off of it! Very nice, sexy lady!
How is your running going? Any unwanted cars around?

Bull said...


Nothing like a hot ass turned a little red by some required discipline :-) love to run my cock over that warm glow radiating from jay's caneing

You look very inviting and submissive on all fours....perfect

Just Call Me Jay said...

I do not get to comment on my wonderful wife's blog much, but I really like this post.

I do enjoy spanking her, especially when she deserves it... as she does right now and will be duly punished this weekend.

Mimi said...

BigD...I'll try to post more pics of my red bottom as I know you enjoy them so. As for the running, I've limited it to the afternoons which is much more difficult, but it works. I've got a 5K tomorrow, but it looks like it may be snowed out!

Bull...I am such a submissive girl :-)

My Jay...Whatever do you have in store for me this weekend, Daddy?

Bull said...

Mimi & Jay,

Sounds like a fun weekend is going to be had, I would love to be part of your punishment as Jay and I could use your body for our enjoyment.

stuff my cock into your mouth as jay spanks you? or maybe have him spank you then give you to me for all my dirty thoughts and desires...

Enjoy yourself this weekend and think of the possibilities