Thursday, February 18, 2010

Daddy's Dirty Girl

My cell phone vibrated softly on my desk at work with this message from Jay:

"What I want you to do is go into your new bathroom (I just moved offices at work and I have my own little bathroom now)strip...get on your knees facing the toilet and finger yourself and take some pics with your phone...I want to see your head on the toilet and your finger in your little cunt and ass...and tonight you will post the pic on your blog. Now send me some pics my slutty little girl"

I raced to the bathroom as soon as I could get away to do Daddy's bidding. My pussy pulsed and grew dripping wet as I knelt naked in front of the toilet on the cold tile floor to snap a few pics as I heard business going on as usual outside the bathroom door.

Below is a pic posted just as Daddy directed.


Bull said...

such a good girl for Daddy :-)

Anonymous said...

The toilet doesn't do much for me, but the really hot woman definitely does. He is lucky.

bigd44 said...

OH Mimi, that is so hot! Did you get good and wet while fingering your hot little pussy and ass? Would love too see more of the pics. What was your reward for being such a good little girl for daddy?
I'll bet your ass shows the signs of your reward!

Dark Gracie said...

i can't remember how many times i used to race to the bathroom at work to get off but you my dear are bold to strip down. *smile*

Mimi said...

Bull...I try to always be a good girl!

Steel...Yeah, some people get the whole dominating aspect of being forced to do that,and others find it a bit odd...LOL!

Big D...Yes, I did grown extremely wet while doing something so dirty! My greatest reward came last night when we exchanged our belated Valentine's gifts!

Gracie...I do indeed recall reading of your overwhelming need to get off in the bathroom, and I have done the same many times. The stripping down does take it to a new level!

Anonymous said...

very hot baby...good girl :)