Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Interviewing Katy, Part 1

As I promised last week,or maybe it was the week before...hell, I dont know, all my weeks run together lately...I have completed a story starring my dear little Katy Perry. Thank you to that certain someone who got this idea floating about in my head as we traded hot emails. I most certainly hope I am not committing any sort of legal offense by writing a piece of fiction about an actual celebrity. If I am I'm sure I'm soon about to find out!

The young reporter pumped her fist in the air as she wrapped up her first interview with a major celebrity after two years of slogging through debutant balls and charity fundraisers. She was both proud of her work and star struck as she found herself interviewing the American Idol panel of judges as they made a stop in Atlanta. The guest judge had been none other than Ms. Katy Perry who was the last judge remaining in the room with the reporter and her cameraman as the shoot wrapped up.

Katy was a bubbly girl who seemed in no hurry to leave while the young reporter’s cameraman packed up their equipment. Katy chatted her up about how she became interested in journalism, where she went to college, music, and fashion. The girl couldn’t keep her eyes from wandering to Katy’s chest as they chatted both admiring and envious of her ample breasts. Katy met the girl’s gaze with a playful gleam in her eyes.

“Do you like them?” she asked as she cupped her breasts in her hands.

The girl blushed unable to look at Katy as she murmured,

“Yes, they’re very nice.”

“They are, aren’t they? They’ve opened a lot of doors for me. Would you like to see them?” she asked as she pointedly looked the reporter in the eye.

The cameraman ceased his packing up routine to watch the scene playing out before him.

“Well, ummmm, I……I…” the girl stammered.

“How about you, would you like to see my breasts?” she inquired of the cameraman.

“Well, I certainly couldn’t turn down such a generous offer from such a beautiful woman,” he artfully replied.

“You are the charmer, aren’t you?” she giggled as she unbuttoned her blouse, and removed her pink satin bra to reveal the most magnificent set of breasts God has ever bestowed upon a woman.

The reporter couldn’t help but gasp as she took them in. They were round, firm, milky white with erect pink nipples.

Katy sauntered over to her and whispered, “Go ahead, you can touch them. I know you want it.”

The reporter hesitantly stood and lifted her hands to Katy’s breasts. She gently took them in each hand, carefully kneading them between her fingers as Katy murmured her approval.

The cameraman stood quietly in the background, his erection steadily growing in his pants, fearful of making a sound lest the girls remember his presence and kick him out.

Katy placed her hand under the girl’s chin, lifted her head, and brought her lips to within an inch of the girl’s. They hovered there a moment as the cameraman reached down to rub his aching crotch. The girl could feel Katy’s sweet breath entering her mouth moments before their lips met. Her lips were full, soft and warm. Her tongue gently swirled inside the girl’s mouth as the girl began to roll Katy’s nipple between her fingers. Katy moaned her approval as she ran her fingers through the girl’s dark, curly hair.

Katy passionately helped the reporter remove her own top and bra before they embraced again, breasts pressed tightly together as they continued to kiss.

“I think we are neglecting someone,” Katy announced as she glanced over at the cameraman whose erection was nearly splitting his pants.

“Shall we ask him to join us?” Katy asked her new friend.

“Yes, let’s,” came the girl’s reply...


bigd44 said...


I didn't know you fanasied about being a reporter. lol
This is starting out pretty good. Can't wait to read more. Be sure to look at the pics for inspiration!
I hope you had a hot and sexy V-day!

Mimi said...

Big D...we are actually celebrating Valentine's Day this weekend instead of last. I have quite the naughty present for Jay and he is terribly excited about his present for me. I'm sure I'll be sharing all the details next week!

bigd44 said...

Can't wait to read about it. pics?

I saw on rcbb-sam's that there is a party going on in your area, are you guys going?