Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Afernoon Delight, Evening Pleasure

Yesterday I was feeling achingly aroused all day long. I was keenly aware of my clitoris as it brushed against my clothing each time I shifted in my chair at work. My nipples felt erect and sensitive inside my new push up bra. In short, I had sex on the brain!

As soon as my daughter completed her school work and went down the street to play with friends, I dashed upstairs for a little "me" time with my toys. I came so hard that I pushed one of my toys out of my pussy as it contracted over and over again.

After soothing my ache to a tolerable level with my trusty vibrating egg and rotating rabbit, I found myself engaged in a scintillating chat session with a new friend while preparing dinner. We discussed firm bodied, nubile, young secretaries pleasing their older, more experienced bosses as well as neighbors engaging in dirty fantasies and sloppy oral delights. I was swollen and slippery wet by the end of the conversation. I still await his account today of how he took matters into his own hands at the end of our conversation. I cant wait for the no doubt lustful details.

As should be adundantly obvious,I was ready to attack Jay as soon as the evening's chores were done. I attempted to jump him as soon as we had the little one in bed and the bedroom door firmly closed and locked. However, my poor Jay had had a hard day and understandably needed some down time first. I patiently waited until he had finished watching "Two and a Half Men" then suddenly felt the need to remove my top and "cool off" in our stuffy bedroom. I knew he would be unlikely to summon the will to resist my naked breasts displayed before him begging to be touched. My devious plan worked, and we were soon naked and entangled in each other's arms.

I shoved his head down towards my sorely pulsing sex, and soon moaned and groaned as his tongue worked my clit while one finger sank inside my pussy and another went up my ass. I was so aroused that it took no more than a few minutes before I was writhing on the bed, his head squeezed between my legs, crying out in orgasm.

No sooner had I caught my breath and begun to come to my senses than he lifted my legs over his shoulders and plunged his cock inside me. We groaned together with the pleasure as he plunged in and out between my legs. When he was reaching the edge, he slowed his thrusts, hovering above me, balanced on his well muscled arms as I licked and kissed his chest while he rocked inside me.

As my moans grew more urgent, he lifted my legs over his shoulders again and began to fuck me fast and hard. I managed to roll over on my side , one leg underneath him, the other thrown over his shoulder and whisper, "put a finger in my ass." At that request, he began to fumble in the bedside drawer as I squirmed and mewed, eager to have him inside me again. He came back with my double sided glass dildo, lubed up and ready for insertion into my ass.

I shoved the smooth, slick glass inside my ass as he entered my pussy again. He began to thrust harder and faster as I moaned, "I want both my holes filled, baby. I want a cock in my pussy and a cock in my ass." That sent him over the edge. He groaned softly as he emptied himself inside me.

We lay together afterwards, panting and breathless, giggling at the filth that had just taken place in our bed. Ah, but there's nothing better than that relaxed feeling of being freshly fucked!