Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My New Girl Crush

Did anyone see Katy Perry on American Idol last night? She's been on my radar ever since "I Kissed a Girl", but holy boobies, Batman...she's smokin' HOT!

I watched her last night with her ample cleavage, and I just wanted to lick her all over. I'd like to start by kissing her full,red lips. I'd watch her close her eyes, part her lips and sigh softly for me as she awaited my kiss. Our lips would meet just a moment before my tongue slid gently into her mouth. She would place her hand on the back of my head, pulling me closer and whisper,"Yes, more," as my hand found its way to the soft orbs of her breasts.

I would cup her beautiful breasts in my hands, rolling her nipples this way and that as they grew hard and erect beneath my fingers. My tongue would travel from her lips down her neck to those pink, erect nipples. It would flick over the delicate skin there just before sucking her flesh into my mouth. She would let out a little moan of delight as I began to suckle her. I would bury my face between her breasts, squeezing them to each side of my face as I licked her sternum.

My hand would travel down between her legs to find she was moist as she parted her legs wide for me, inviting me to play there. My tongue would wander further south to her navel. I don't know if she has a pierced navel, but in this fantasy she would. I would lick circles around her cute little belly button while furtively sliding a finger inside her slippery hole.

She would gasp and arch her back as my tongue found her clit while my finger remained inside her. I've never tasted a woman before I imagine she would taste like ambrosia. My tongue would leap from my mouth ever more ugently circling her clit as her hips began to gyrate above me.

Her hands would entangle in my hair as my hands sought out her breasts, kneading and pinching the nipples to increase her pleasure. Soon her sweet little voice would cry out, "Oh, oh, oh," and her warm juices would flood my mouth as she came.

Ah yes, I've had some very dirty thoughts about voluptuous little Ms. Katy Perry today!


Jim said...

Hmmmm, interesting. I had similar thoughts . . . from the male perspective, of course.


bigd44 said...


I think I remember reading before about your girl crush on sexy Katy Perry. I don't remember, Have you ever been with another women? I'll bet Jay would love to dominate both of you sexy ladies for a night! Just think of all the possibilities. It makes me hard just thinking of you two together. This will make for interesting viewing tonight when we watch it at home. We dvr'd Tuesday and Wednesdays shows and will watch them tonight. I hope know one notices that I have a hard cock through the whole show, because I'll be thinking of you and Katy!

Ron in Florida (Ronald10021) said...


Mimi said...

Jim...You do have such a dirty mind, dont you?!

Bigd...Damn but I feel so turned on by the idea of you sitting through American Idol with a hard cock in your pants as you recall my dirty little Katy Perry fantasy :-)

Ron...Glad you approve.