Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Attempt At Artsy

Since I can't seem to keep up with reguarly posting an HNT offering on Thursdays, I've decided I'll just randomly post a picture I am especially fond of when the mood strikes me.

Jay and I have been discovering the nuances that can be captured quite well in black and white lately. Hopefully you will enjoy what we managed to capture with this picture.

I have quite a hot story rolling around in my head involving my new girl crush, Katy Perry, helped along by some steamy emailing with a friend. I hope to find the time to get it down on paper for you this week.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of fantasies. That picture is more than enough to fuel a very intense fantasy for me (the kind that would fit in my own writings).

Mimi said...

I'd love to read such a fantasy, Steel!

Arizona Marrried Couple said...

My kind of art!

Anonymous said... photo.

I wish I could join in, and am quite envious of Jay.

bigd44 said...

That is a very sexy pic! The B/W adds highlights and shadows that are very sexy!

Glad to see you enjoyed the link to the Katy Perry pics I sent you. I thought you might need some pics to help you get into the right frame of mind for your story. She sure looked pretty hot in that orange dress on A.I. All I was thinking about the whole show was you and Katy getting nasty together! After we watched it the other night, and the girls went to bed. I practicly attacted my wife! She was wondering what got into me. Can't wait to read what you cum up with1