Friday, June 5, 2009


It was the new piece of lingerie that set me off. It was barely there, black, feminine. It made me feel sexy, made me feel hot, made me want to please him. I draped my body over his on the bed, my legs dangling over the edge,our bodies forming a cross as if my subconcious were already surrendering.

I heard his hand reaching, fumbling for something at the side of the bed. I knew it was an instrument of punishment, but not which one. I didn't have to wait long to learn it was the bamboo cane he held in his hand as it met the flesh of my ass with a resounding wallop.

And so it began...

The endless sound of the cane smacking against my ass with ever increasing force. I buried my face in the pillow in front of me so as to muffle the sound of the desperate moans I could no more hold inside my throat than I could will myself not to breath.

My one overriding thought was the desire to surrender, to accept, to bear this pain for our mutual pleasure. My mind began to shut down, focusing only on acceptance and the cathartic release in the pain. My ass began to squirm in spite of myself in a futile effort to escape his blows. His hand went to my ass, rubbing soothingly as he admired his work.

A finger found it's way past the fabric of my new lingerie, into my pussy. A thumb rubbed my clit as a finger fucked my cunt. My hips gyrated, seeking more release as my hands flailed about until they found his well muscled thigh which I stroked, enjoying the sensation of hard muscle beneath my fingers. As if by accident, my hands found their way to his swollen cock. My mouth was not far behind; hungrily sucking as he alternately fucked my holes and whacked my burning ass. We were a fenzy of fucking, sucking, and slapping.

He rolled me off of him, onto my back. Roughly shoving the fabric of the new lingerie aside, he entered me. My pussy wet, swollen and aching for him, my desire uncontainable with the novelty of fucking with my panties simply pushed to the side as he had done.

We bucked and groped at each other, my fingers working my throbbing little clit, his hands wrapped deliciously, painfully around my ankles. My whole body was tense with wanting...wanting to accept, wanting to please, wanting to drown in him, wanting to cum. Orgasm washed through my body seemingly as reward for all my longing. His warm, precious deposit soon followed, milked from him by my clenching cunt.

As we lay together afterwards, a tangle of arms and legs, lazily exchanging slow kisses, I felt so content to be here in this particular moment, married to this particular man who was never afraid to give me what I want. I have the deep purple bruise on my ass this week as a reminder of how much he loves me, and loves what we do together.


Kitae said...

I'm glad to hear you are back in the saddle. I was having a similar slump so it cheers me to know someone is getting the mojo back. :) Thanks for sharing Mimi!

bigd44 said...


Great story, so hot as always! Love to read your spanking stories. Would love to see that sexy ass with cane stripes across it. Maybe someday you could post some pics for us. I see there is already another story from you, can't wait to read it.