Sunday, June 14, 2009

Her Guest-Pt. 2

She stood there obediently, forming a mental picture of how she must appear to the two men standing behind her. Hands locked around her ankles, long hair grazing the floor, black “fuck me” heels her only clothing, ass and pussy exposed and vulnerable. Humiliation coursed through her as she felt her pussy juices begin to run down the inside of her thigh. She hid her blushing face in the crook of her arm as her pussy grew swollen with desire.

She could hear them exchanging words behind her, witnessed the soft, wet sounds of their cocks being stroked for her. Suddenly Daddy stepped toward her, smacking the insides of her thighs with the crop, and ordering,

“Open your legs. Your guest would like to see more of you.”

She spread her legs further apart, still flush with shame as her guest continued to gaze at her while stroking his growing cock.

“Now let’s show him what a good girl you are, pet. Show him how well you take what’s coming to you,” Daddy crooned.

He bent to her ear, his cock grazing the back of her thigh as he whispered in her ear,

“Not a single fucking sound. Daddy does not want to hear even one moan from those pretty little lips.”

He rose and immediately struck her with the crop. She jumped, yet managed to keep her lips sealed. Daddy began his teachings in earnest, striking her over and over on the buttocks, the backs of the thighs, the back.

She squeezed her eyes shut, clamped her lips tight and bore this pain for Daddy. Her body tingled with the mixture of pleasure and pain.

Daddy’s blows came with even greater force in her most vulnerable places, all along the backs of her thighs, nearly grazing her naked, unprotected cunt until finally she cried out.

She realized too late this was what he wanted all along. Without a moment’s hesitation, her guest jerked her head up by the hair, gagged her with his tie, and told her to “shut the fuck up.”

She stood there now, ass burning with heat, mouth tied and gagged, wondering how she might make up for her transgression. How might she please them?

She soon found her answer as Daddy shoved her onto the bed.

She landed on top of their guest, his rigid cock bumping against her mound. She came face to face with him, mouth tightly bound, eyes wide with anticipation.

“Put my cock inside you, love,” he directed.

She placed her hand between her legs, grasped his cock and squeezed gently as she guided him to her entrance. She rubbed him between her lips, lubing him well, before sliding him inside. She moved slowly up and down as he cupped her breasts, twisting her pink nipples until she squealed with pleasure.

Daddy was behind her now, shoving her forward against their guest’s chest, his cock still buried deep inside her cunt. She felt Daddy’s fingers on her asshole, warm and slick with lube. The pieces slowly clicked into place in her mind, and she understood what Daddy meant to do an instant before his cock nudged up against her asshole.

She began to squirm, screaming against her gag as Daddy held her hips firmly as he inched his cock into her ass.

“There, there baby, relax. Enjoy the ride,” Daddy encouraged.

She could hear herself snorting like a little pony as she pushed back into Daddy’s cock. He began to move slowly inside her ass, as their guest thrust into her pussy underneath her. She felt full, stretched to overflowing, her clit rubbing against their guest’s pubic bone as her two holes were fucked faster and harder.

She groaned against her gag as her pleasure increased. Her body bounced to and fro as they each pounded into her from below and behind. Daddy slapped her ass playfully as he fucked her; their guest snuck his hand up to her breasts again as they slapped against his chest, pinching her nipples as she moaned in ecstasy.

She began to pant as they pounded her holes harder and harder. She collapsed on top of their guest as she gave in to the rising tide of pleasure and writhed in orgasm against him. She was dimly aware of his teeth biting the back of her neck, followed by a frenzied fucking of each of her holes before they both filled her with their warm, sweet fluid.

She had been such a good little whore. Daddy was well pleased, their guest was satisfied. She looked forward to her next opportunity to pleasure each of them.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I need a cigarette.

bigd44 said...

Hot story, very sexy! I hope there will be a part 3.