Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Return...Maybe?

Jay and I have shared a couple of hot encounters this week that I am pleased to share with you.

Tuesday night found us locked in our closet, TV on in the bedroom to muffle the smacking sounds. Obediently naked save for my shiny, black slut heels, I bent at the waist, gripping my ankles as Jay smacked my vulnerable ass with a resounding thwack. This is one of my favorite positions to be in for him. I feel particuarly obedient and vulnerable in this particular position. I imagine the vision I create for him, his eyes travelling from my ass, down the length of my legs to my sparkling red toes clad in his favorite heels, and I delight in the knowledge that this sight brings him great pleasure.

I moaned with that indescribable mixture of pain and pleasure I so desire as his hand met my ass over and over again. With delight, I soon felt the paddle meet my ass as he hissed at me that I had been such a bad girl. When he had had his fill of me in this way, he ordered me on my hands and knees between his legs as he towered over me.

He continued his welcome assault on my ass in earnest. The blows came harder and faster. I yelped from time to time, vowing that I would be a good girl, beginning to pant a little. As the blows continued I felt myself fading away to that place in which my brain begins to shut down, and I am nothing more than Daddy's submissive little slave aching to serve him. I did something in this special space that I had never done before. Kneeling there between Daddy's legs, I wrapped my hands around his ankles and kissed the top of each foot. I felt such a charge in this one simple act. I felt so utterly small, paying homage and respect to my Superior.

When he tired of spanking me which came much too soon for me, Daddy led me to the bedroom, laid me out spread eagle on the bed and fucked the living daylights out of me until we were mutually sated.

Skip forward a few days to Friday morning... Jay had left with the little one to drop her off at daycare while I hopped in the shower to get ready for work. I was feeling both ramped up and relaxed after my morning run... I'm pleased to report that I am up to 5 miles these days! This combination of feelings also had me feeling incredibly horny!! Jay returned home and made his way up to the bedroom just as I was about to apply my make up in the bathroom. He lay on the bed to watch some TV and chat with me as I finished getting ready. He was more than a little surprised to see me walk naked from the bathroom, kneel in front of him and unbuckle his belt.

I wanted his cock in my mouth more desperately than I have in a very long time. I began by sucking his soft cock into my mouth, working it with my tongue until it was satisfactorily hard. I shifted my attentions to his balls, stroking his shaft as I ran my tongue all over his firm, freshly washed balls. I could feel my pussy pulsing between my thighs. I knew without touching her that she was coated in wet juices. I snuck a finger down between my lips anyway, felt the wetness there and moaned around Jay's now rock hard cock. I licked my wet finger as I continued to work his pulsing shaft. I slowly took him all the way in, to the back of my throat and held him there a second until I sucked my way back up to the head, my tongue darting around the sensitive tip. I felt him swelling even more in my mouth as I sucked fast and hard, gagging periodically as his cock banged against the back of my throat.

When my desire reached an unbearable fever pitch, I groaned out that I needed to be fucked. He directed me first to put on a thong which I did hurridly, my need raging within me. I climbed onto the bed on my knees, my ass and pussy swaying before him. He gripped my hips, pulled the thong to one side and rubbed his cock against my swollen cunt. I swiveled my hips, pushed back against him and mewed my need for him. Finally, he plunged his cock into me, my pussy gushing all around him. I cried out with the intensity. This is often my favorite moment in sex...the instant when my gnawing need is satisfied, when his cock enters me for the first time and my world narrows to a pussy and a cock. My angel of a husband plunged into me over and over again as I fingered my pussy until I came loudly all over his cock.

As my orgasm subsided, he flipped me over onto my back, spread my legs out over his shoulders and plunged into me again. I bucked against him, unable to get enough of his cock moving inside me. I suddenly remembered that it would be best if he didn't cum in me. He is 3 weeks post vasectomy, and I have just gone off the pill. We've another 3 weeks to go before he can take a semen sample to his doctor which should confirm he is officially "shooting blanks." The fucking felt so good that I debated on whether to simply let him continue knowing we were probably both pretty unfertile at the moment, however the idea of risking an "accident" was simply too unpleasant to contemplate. I whispered between thrusts that he really shouldn't cum in me.

Without missing a beat, he pulled the lube from the bedside drawer, lubed my ass up, and thrust his cock into my asshole. I have rather come to enjoy this from time to time. It brings me to a whole new level of submission to be violated in such a manner. I obediently thrust two fingers inside my still dripping cunt as he forcefully fucked my asshole until he filled it with his warm, gooey liquid.

I was 30 minutes late to work Friday morning, but it was the best 30 minutes of the entire day. I've been feeling rather aroused lately. I've only been off the pill for about 3 days so I know that can't really be the cause, but I am hopeful that my recent surge in libido is a foreshadowing of things to come.


RIV said...

Glad to see you might be back.
That was hot! you know what i like, so that addition made it even hotter!

Anonymous said...

woo hoo to fantastic sex!

xoxox mina

bigd44 said...

Very hot stories Mimi. So did you walk around work all day with load of cum in your ass? Hope the great sex continues!!

fullynaked said...

wow. thanks for increasing my heart rate. i would that my wife would let me fuck her anally, even just once. and i love that same feeling but in reverse of her pussy juice flowing over my cock. thanks again.

fullynaked said...

does your ass feel different with cum in it compared to not?

Kitae said...

I'm glad you are back Mimi. :)

bigd44 said...

Mimi, it was nice to see some pics of you today on the rcbb. Sure have missed your stories. Hope to see more soon.

The sensual stranger said...

Your a very rude lady but we love you.

JJ x