Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Her Guest-Pt. 1

The following is entirely a work of fiction, but you never know what fantasies might be lived out in the near future!

Daddy had her naked with the exception of her black stilettos, on all fours, collared and leashed like the little toy she was. She snuck a furtive glance at their guest, sitting there in the corner, still in his uniform, waiting to be entertained by Daddy’s pet. Daddy bade her crawl to the bed with a quick tug on her leash He led her up onto the bed, her naked ass and pussy swaying gently in front of her audience. She waited silently for her discipline to begin.

Daddy’s hand met her ass with a resounding smack that echoed through the silent hotel room. It was followed by several more such blows as her ass began to smart with heat. Her mind’s eye painted a picture of what the guest in the corner must be witnessing…her ass marked with Daddy’s handprints, her back arched, curls flowing down her back. Her pussy twitched and grew wet with these thoughts.

Daddy slid a finger into her crotch, felt the wetness there, and growled.

“You like playing the little whore, do you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” came her respectful reply.

“Whores must be taught their place, mustn’t they?”

“Yes, Daddy,” came her reply again.

She felt the sharp sting of the paddle as Daddy bore it down on her ass, heard the pop it made as it met her skin. She tried very hard to bear his punishment in silence, but a small scream escaped her lips with the second blow. She gripped the sheets in her hands, buried her face in the pillows as she groaned out her pain while Daddy continued his relentless education with the paddle.

After some time, she felt hands soothing her burning ass. They were not Daddy’s hands. This fact alone caused her cunt to drip, her clit to stand at attention. She felt his lips kissing her abused bottom, a tongue slid between the folds of her cheeks. This same tongue traveled the length of her back, a hand brushing her hair aside, breath in her ear as he whispered,

“Your ass looks so pretty all marked and red, love.”

She heard the jingle of his belt as he removed it from his pants. Waited as he wrapped it once around his fist, then moaned deeply as he dealt his first blow. She felt it travel through her whole body and exit at her toes. Daddy rubbed her back and bent to whisper words of love and comfort to her as their guest continue his assault on her ass.

Sweat broke out along her body as she felt herself nearing her threshold of pain. Daddy now restrained her upper body, as she bucked and swayed her hips, attempting to escape the blows that rained down on her searing ass.

Just as she felt she must beg for mercy, she was released.

“On the floor and turn around,” Daddy ordered.

She found herself on the floor, kneeling in front of this man, his trousers unzipped, rock hard cock poking against his boxers.

“Look what you’ve done now, you little slut,” Daddy admonished.

“Get busy taking care of that for him,” he told her.

With trembling hands and engorged pussy, she pulled his trousers to his ankles, followed by the boxers. His cock oozed his excitement. She licked her lips in anticipation of tasting him.
He moaned softly as she took him in her mouth. She slowly swallowed his entire shaft, held him at the back of her throat a moment, before traveling back up. She circled his head with her tongue, before letting him pop free of her mouth. Her eager tongue slid down the underside of his shaft to his full balls. She buried her face in his balls, licking and sucking until he grabbed a handful of her hair and dragged her back up to the head of his cock.

He forced his cock to the back of her throat, gagging her as his hips thrust back and forth at her. She took long, succulent pulls on his cock enjoying the taste and smell of him. She felt his cock growing even fatter against her tongue, felt his precum flowing freely down the back of her throat.

With one final thrust, he exploded in her mouth, his cum warm and salty as it slid down her throat. His groans filling her ears as his orgasm crested and subsided.

Her eyes never left Daddy during the entire encounter, following his lead, searching for what pleased him. He signaled that she rise, then bent her at the waist, hands wrapped around her ankles...


bigd44 said...


Great start to this story. Nice to see your mind working and thinking about sex. I hope it comes true for you someday. I love readig your stories, it always make my cock hard when you write about your cunt. There is something very sexy about a women calling her cunt a cunt! Can't wait to read part two.

Charli said...

How completely delicious!

Somewhere over the rainbow, me thinks! Hopefully not too too far away.