Monday, November 22, 2010

My Mentors

I have discovered two role models for who I should be and what I should strive to do for my Master. You will find both of them rather unusual, I assure you. You might even find them amusing. However, these two role models embody the one thing I desire to offer my Master each and every day no matter the form it innocent and undying adoration.

The first mentor I wish to tell you about is none other than Barbara Eden...more precisely Genie of "I Dream of Genie." Jay has turned our daughter onto this show of late, therefore I have been watching quite a lot of it. The more I watched it, the more it struck me that Genie was for her Master what I desire to become for mine. Her sole purpose is to serve and bring him happiness. Her joy is found in bringing him joy. She trusts him implicitly. Her love is offered freely and innocently. She is the picture of the perfect submissive.

My second mentor you will undoubtedly find a bit more unusual, dearest reader. My second role model in this walk of becoming the perfect submissive is one of our dogs, the Akita/German Shepherd. She is Jay's dog. Not because she was brought into the family specifically for him or because he claimed her as his dog, but because she developed a strong bond with him of her own accord. The love this dog feels for him can be seen palpably in her eyes. It is not unusal to find her lying on our bed with Jay gazing at him with pure adoration. He strokes her lovingly and tells her what a good girl she is. She responds immediately to any command he gives her, trusting that her Daddy would never bring her to harm. She too embodies my idea of the perfect submissive.

This is the very picture of the D/s relationship I wish to have with Jay. I wish to lie and simply adore him. I wish to have him stroke me and tell me what a good girl I am as I make it my purpose to express my adoration through serving him. I wish to find it within myself to obey his every command immediately, without question. My heart longs to be his obedient "pet."


Liras said...

I understand. And i hope you reach that point.

Mimi said...

Liras... I knew someone would understand my idiosyncrasies :-)