Sunday, November 14, 2010

Master's Slave for the Afternoon

I spent the afternoon before the Halloween party serving as Master’s slave. Sadly, as always, we ended I spent the afternoon before the Halloween party serving as Master’s slave. Sadly, as always, we ended up with less time to devote to deviance than we would have liked. Master had a task planned for me that would have earned me my own pet pillow, but did not have the time to engage me in it. So I remain a pet without her own soft pillow.

After dropping our daughter off with her grandparents for the night, Master had me remove my bra and change into a thin cotton T-shirt he had required me to bring. The fabric was so thin the outline of my nipples and new installed nipple rings were clearly visible. He then took me to the pet store where I was allowed to pick out my own doggie dish and a new chain link leash.

When we arrived home Master had me disrobe and kneel before him in our bedroom as he affixed my collar and new leash around my neck. Next he attached the nipple clamps to my nipple rings and threaded the chain through the O ring of the collar. Finally, he buckled my wrist and ankle cuffs around each extremity. At last, I was a properly adorned slave. I was then led by the leash on all fours down to the den.

Once in the den, Master informed me that I would have to earn my own pet pillow, and for now I would have to use the bed belonging to our Akita/German Shepherd. The first task I was given was to remove all the dog toys from the bed…not with my hands, but with my mouth. This wasn’t so terribly bad. I was able to perform the task quickly and well for Master.

Afterwards, he kindly asked if I would like a drink to wash the dog hair from my mouth. When I replied that I would, he led me on all fours into the kitchen (linoleum is an extremely HARD surface on one’s knees in case you have never crawled across your own kitchen floor) where there was a doggie bowl full of my favorite beverage…Diet Mountain Dew. I obediently lowered my head and lapped it up like a good girl, my pussy throbbing between my legs.

I was then led back into the den and ordered to curl up on the doggie bed. My beloved Master then took the flogger to my exposed ass. What I did not know was that Master had been studying technique and had discovered how to strike me with the tips of the flogger producing a distinctive stinging sensation. He flicked the flogger across my naked ass over and over until I was writhing about and crying out on the dog bed.

He then went outside to smoke a cigarette (my Jay has take up smoking again with the stress of his job which worries me greatly) with instructions for me to remain there on the dog bed. I laid there and listened to him talking to someone on his cell phone and began to feel the rush of endorphins coursing through my body as a result of Master’s flogging. God but I love that wonderful feeling my Master gives to me.

When Master came back inside he ordered me to go upstairs and get the lotion for massaging his feet. I scurried upstairs, grabbed the lotion, scurried back to set it on the floor and lie back down on the dog bed. Master was in the kitchen getting himself some ice water as I waited.

When he returned he sighed in an irritated manner and exclaimed, “Unbelievable!”

“What is it?” I asked, falling out of my role and thinking perhaps my son had just called wit something annoying to say or ask.

“That’s not the lotion I told you to get. That’s not my lotion,” he informed me as if speaking to a child.

In my haste, I had brought down my own lotion, not thinking to get his eucalyptus scented lotion, and didn’t even realize it until he corrected me. I was given another round with the flogger for my carelessness before being sent upstairs to get the correct lotion.

When I returned, Master was seated on the sofa where I was directed to kneel before him and remove his shoes and socks. When this was done, I carefully placed his bare feet on a towel and prepared to massage him. He stopped me before I could begin with a redirection to suck his cock instead.

I unzipped him and carefully removed his cock as he turned on the TV to watch the Georgia-Florida game. I dutifully licked and sucked as he flipped between football and porn. After 15 minutes or so of pleasuring him orally, I was directed to begin massaging his feet. I massaged his feet and legs, my nipple clamps dangling from my breasts as he continued to watch football and porn.

When his foot massage was done I was made to bend over on all fours and finger my ass as he watched and grew hard. When he had had enough of that, Master placed me over the ottoman and entered my ass. Being his slave, I could only respectfully acquiesce as he pumped in and out of my ass.

After several minutes of pumping, he pulled out, sat down on the sofa and told me to go get something to clean him off so I could suck his cock again. I stared at him dumbfounded. He couldn’t possibly be asking this of me. I had often commented when watching porn how disgusted I was by the scenes of women being fucked in the ass then sucking the same cock that had just come out of their asshole. I swallowed hard and went upstairs to retrieve the things I would need.

My mind raced…I can’t do this…he won’t really make me do this…what is he is serious…I think he is serious. I was near tears before I stopped and refocused. Master has given me a task. I am his slave to use as he sees fit this afternoon. Master would never to anything to harm me, My one purpose this afternoon is to bring pleasure to Master.

I then methodically gathered the things I would need…warm soapy washcloth, dry towel, baby wipes. I would have poured alcohol over his cock if I thought I could have gotten away with it!!

I went downstairs, kneeled before him, and washed his cock and balls with the washcloth, dried them, thoroughly wiped with the baby wipes and dried again. Now was my moment of truth…I kneeled there, head lowered, just looking at his cock.

“Suck it, Mimi,” he growled.

I lowered my head to his crotch and stopped just short of his cock. Despite my little pep talk to myself upstairs, I still hesitated to take him in my mouth. He placed his hand on the back of my head and shoved me the rest of the way down.

I opened my mouth to his cock and sucked weakly. Master grabbed me by the hair, pulled my head up and slapped my face.

“I said suck my cock,” he bellowed.

I took him in my mouth again and did my best to overcome my disgust and suck him properly. I got a few more slaps to the side of the face as I sucked to encourage me to perform better.

When Master had had enough fun with that exercise, he mercifully ordered me to lie on the dog bed and masturbate. I gratefully complied as he watched and snapped photos.

When I was wet and writhing about for his cock, he knelt before me and entered my needy pussy. We rocked and moaned together, my hands on my breasts playing with my nipple rings. I bucked my hips up to meet his as he thrust harder and harder until reaching his orgasm inside me.

And that, dear reader, is how I came to be fucked on a dog bed for the first time as Master’s little bitch.

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Liras said...

Congratulations on your dedication to pleasuring your Master, no matter if you wish to do everything he commands or not. I admire your devotion and obedience.