Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Slipping and Sliding

Jay and I have recently been rediscovering the joys of massage oil. The last two nights I have lit the "slut scented" candle in our room (Black Amethyst from Bath and Body Works, if anyone is interested), we've both stripped naked, Jay has laid face down on the bed, and I have climbed atop him, my pussy rubbing against the small of his back as I rub warm massage oil into his back.

My pussy slowly begins to pulse as my hands work out the tension in his neck and back. He moans softly as my fingers slide up the middle of his spine coming to rest in his hair as I knead his scalp. When my arousal has climbed sky high, I lie against him rubbing my breasts up and down his slippery back, my slick cunt rubbing deliciously against his tailbone.

He turns his head and we kiss feverishly until he flips me over on my side, arms and legs entangled, mouths hungrily seeking. He flips open the bottle of massage oil and drizzles it all over my breasts and belly, his hands gliding up and down my oily skin. He pinches my nipples as I gasp, reaching for his hard cock with my slippery hands. I lay his cock against my thigh, rubbing it up and down with the palm of my hand. My arousal climbs even higher as his cock grows rock hard in my hand.

When we have both reached our limit, he pushes me onto my back, legs spread in the air, pussy begging for him. I moan and squirm as I await his entry. He pushes all the way in with one swift thrust. I moan loudly as his cock hits my cervix. We begin to rock together as I rub my clit until I gasp that I want him to take me from behind. He pushes me onto all fours, and wastes no time entering me again. His finger finds its way into my ass as he fucks me, and I moan again with the pleasure. "Yeah, baby, fuck my ass," I moan. He obliges by violently thrusting what feels like two fingers in and out of my asshole as he fucks my pussy with his cock.

It takes only a few more minutes of this before I am screaming into my pillow as I cum. Jay is right behind me losing his hot, creamy load into my pussy.

Damn, but I love massage oil!!


Sexy at Forty said...

OMG... if I had to have a fetish... Oil would be it! I get soooo turned on with oil. Like you wouldn't The feeling is amazing when you are all oiled up and bodies are rubbing all up and down!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had fun.....Thanks for sharing.

Red said...

Sexy fun story!