Friday, September 11, 2009

The Secretary's Mistake, Pt. 1

It had been a long busy day. The secretary had worked diligently to complete an important document for her boss by the close of business. She was wearily gathering her things, and preparing to leave when her boss asked her to step into his office for a moment.

She had always found him attractive which made her slightly nervous in his presence. Today was even worse as he was dressed for his business engagement later that evening...starched white shirt, blue tie, black suspenders, dress pants. She nearly swooned each time she went into his office today.

As soon as she stepped over the threshhold to his office, he slapped her completed report down on his desk and asked,

"Do you know what this is, Mrs. Sparks?"

"Yes, sir. It is your report I just finished for you this afternoon," she replied, nervously shifting from one foot to the other.

"This, Mrs. Sparks, is a piece of crap! This is the worst excuse for accuracy I have ever seen," he bellowed.

"I, I'm s-s-sorry, Sir", she stammered, on the verge of tears.

She reached for the report, promising, "I'll take it to my desk and correct it right now."

" Mrs. Sparks, this report is so full of errors and mistakes, you cant possibly correct it by the time I am to present it to the investors at 8 o'clock tonight. The way I see it, you have two options....."

She waited expectantly for her two choices.

" You may either stay late every night for the next week correcting the report for the meeting I will now have to reschedule. I doubt your husband will like that very much, now will he, Mrs. Sparks?"

She slowly shook her head no, feeling a bit apprehensive.

" can stay late tonight and take your punishment like the good little girl I know you are."

She stood staring at him, his meaning slowly dawning on her.

"Well, Mrs. Sparks, which is it going to be?"

She paused a moment before slowly turning to close and lock his door.

"That's a good girl. I knew you would make the right choice for yourself."

"Come here and stand in front of me," he directed.

She complied obediently.He ran his hands up the sides of her thighs, underneath her skirt as she stood there. She could see a bulge forming in his pants. She tried not to notice. She tried not to think about anything right at this moment.

He took her hand and gently tugged at her while patting his lap.

"Go on, Mrs. Sparks, you know what you need to do."

She meekly laid herself across his lap. Let out a small gasp, when he lifted her skirt and pulled her white, satin panties down around her knees.

"Such a sweet little ass," he murmered as he rubbed.

She heard him fumbling around in his pen caddy on his desk. Then felt the sharp sting of the ruler he had removed from it.

" Such a shame you require such discipline, Mrs. Sparks."

"Yes, Mr. Johnson, yes," she replied softly.

Alarmed that she felt herself growing a little wet with each sting of the ruler.

Without warning, his hand slapped down on her. She jumped and cried out.He continued to slap, over and over, harder and harder until she was squirming around on his lap, his erection poking into her middle.

"Please, Mr. Johnson, I'll work harder. I'll do better, I promise, Sir."

"I know you will, dear. I'm going to see to that." he cooed as he gently rubbed her bright red ass before pulling her panties back up.

"Why dont you start by getting under my desk, and showing me what a good worker you are, sweetheart."

She crawled under his desk, and waited for her instructions.

"Take your blouse off for me, dear," he whispered softly.

She slowly undid the buttons of her blouse, her hands shaking a little, her pussy disturbingly wet.When she had removed the blouse, she looked up at him expectantly.

"Come here," he beckoned as he pulled her up to her knees in front of him.He kissed her softly as he reached around her, unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor.

He took her pink, hard nipples between his fingers and twisted viciously. She gasped, arched her back, and felt a gush of wetness between her legs even as he hissed,

"That's just a reminder of why you're here, dear. You are here because you are such an incompetant slut."

With that, he stood up and shoved her back under the desk, her head banging painfully against it.She watched as he pulled down his black suspenders, unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, pulled them down to his ankles, and sat back down in the chair.His cock stood large and throbbing, as he beckoned her,

"Come here and show me what good work you do, angel"

She cautiously crept from under the desk, to take him in her mouth.He groaned as her lips wrapped around him. She slowly worked his full length to the back of her throat, relaxing her throat as she had taught herself to do to accomodate his large cock. Her head began to bob up and down as her tongue circled his shaft. She could taste his excitement as it oozed from the tip of his cock which caused a throbbing pleasure to build between her legs. She looked up at him, wanting to enjoy the expression of pleasure her work must surely be causing on his face, only to have him roughly slap her face, barking,

"Keep your eyes down, whore. Focus on your work."

She sucked faster and harder, her hands twisting up and down his wet member. He thrust his hips at her, her hand banging against the desktop as he did so, urging his cock deeper and deeper into her throat until he released with a loud groan, his hot load spilling down the back of her throat. She swallowed greedily, silently noting the wetness that was now drenching her panties and seeping down the insides of her thighs.

"Stand up, dear. I'm not quite through with your lesson today."


bigd44 said...

Mimi, another hot sexy story. Can't wait to read what happens next.

bigd44 said...

Mimi, I sure hope I'm not the only one reading your stories. Hopefully there are others that just don't comment. Either way I hope you will keep writing, and sharing your hot sexy submisive nasty mind with us.

Mimi said...

Well, I'm glad you are enjoying my dirty thougts, Big D.

Thanks for the encouraging feedback :-)