Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I've Got a Rocket in My Pants

Well, we are finally starting to dry out our soggy mess here in Atlanta. It has been raining here for over a week straight! I was starting to consider the need to construct a family ark...lord knows we have enough creatures in this house to fill it 2 by 2...dogs, birds, butterflies,triops, ants, but that's an entirely different subject! The sun finally re-emerged yesterday which was a welcome sight for all! Our particular county was one of the harder hit areas, however Jay and I sustained no damage to our home or cars nor do we know anyone who sustained damage which we are thankful for. Traffic was a nightmare Monday and Tuesday with all the road closures due to flooding. Many roads are still closed indefinately. The kids were out of school Monday and Tuesday as well which was a real headache for us. I actually drove my son in to school in the downpours on Monday after his bus was over 20 minutes late, never dreaming school would be cancelled because of rain!! Well, it actually was not cancelled until 8 am so at 6:45 am when I was trying to drop him off, things were total chaos. So anyhow, Jay has worked from home the past two days to be with our 6 year old so that I could go into work. Needless to say we are both pleased to be back to our normal school/work routines today. The kids are not so happy about it, but we are thrilled.

I digress, for that was not the story I wanted to relate for you today. I wanted to tell you the tale of the fun Jay and I had on Friday. He messaged me at work to ask what I was wearing which he often does. Since it was Friday, I was wearing jeans and a top. He told me he wanted me to remove this handy, dandy little toy from my purse, go to the restroom, turn it on it's lowest setting, insert it into my pants and come back to my desk. I simply pondered his request for a while, and the more I thought about it, the more it turned me on until I found myself moving towards the restroom to carry out his suggestion. I quickly scurried back to my desk when the deed was done to report back to him. I sat there at my desk, pretending to be a busy worker bee as my clit was gently vibrated. I absolutely could not sit still in my chair. I discretely (at least I hope it was discretely) ground my hips against the toy. After 5 minutes or so of relating what I was doing and feeling to Jay, and describing how wet I had become, I asked for permission to excuse myself to the restroom. Jay granted permission, but he wanted to hear.

I bolted back to the restroom with my cell phone hidden in my pocket. When safely locked in the restroom, I pulled my pants down, began to masturbate myself with the toy, pulled out my cell phone and called Jay. I whispered to him that I had done as he asked, I was currently in the restroom with my pants down around my ankles and my toy buzzing against my clit. To which he replied that he was hard and stroking his cock as he listened to me. I continued to moan softly into the phone as I circled closer and closer to an orgasm. I could hear Jay's heavy breathing as he stroked himself which added fuel to the fire for me. I was soon at the point of no return. I clamped my lips tightly shut to prevent the escape of any noise as I came against my vibrating toy. I heard Jay cum soon after which made the release that much sweeter.

We whispered how much fun that had been before I hung up the phone, washed up and snuck back to my desk with a cheshire cat grin on my face.


bigd44 said...

Now that was hot! Good for you. What if one of the other ladies you work with had come in and heard you?
I forgot to say in my rambling message. Every once in a while my wife and I will plan a week day, to meet at home for a few hours while the kids are at school.
I saw that storm on the news, glad to hear you came out of it ok.

Grey Summer said...

I'm glad you rode the storm out. Your story is very hot!