Monday, April 12, 2010

Unexpected Domination

Sunday morning found me sucking Jay's cock to pleasure him while my monthly visitor did her "thing." I was siting beside him in the bed, bent over him, my back to him as I voraciously sucked his stiff cock. I paused every now and then to lick and suck his deliciously smooth balls;moved back to slurp and suck his cock as I squeezed and stroked cock and balls at the same time while my pussy pulsed with excitement. As I worked his cock, he held my hair out of my face for me so that I could more fully focus my attention on his pleasure.

Suddenly, without warning, he gripped that handful of hair and flung me on my back onto my pillow. It was such an unexpeced, forceful, dominant act. In a word... it was HOT. I am still thinking of it today.

He simply wanted to look at my naked body as he stroked himself. When he was at the edge of orgasm, he shoved me back down onto his cock in order to receive his gift into my mouth.


Kat5 said...

Awesome. When the memories linger you know it ws a special moment!

bigd44 said...


That must have been a beautiful view Jay had. Your hot sexy ass staring him in the face while you suck is cock and balls! You are such a good sub to take care of your master while your "visitor did her thing."

Mimi said...

Kat...yes, the memories are sometimes as good as the moment itself.

BigD...I try to be a good girl some of the time. The other times, I accept my punishment as my just reward :-)

Dark Gracie said...