Saturday, April 10, 2010

An Afternoon Quickie

This past week was Spring Break here for us here in Hotlanta. One particular afternoon Jay and I were afforded the fortuitous opportunity to be alone in the house together and free to fuck with abandon.

I caught him in between conference calls in the late afternoon. I informed him I was going to the bedroom to get naked, and waited for him to follow. He of course did, like a hunting dog on the scent. I stripped off my dress, leaving my black, sandled heels on. Jay soon followed me, and had me bend over the side of the bed, offering him my ass. I willingly offered it to him as he took out the bamboo cane. The blows built up hard and fast as the sharp "smack" of cane meeting flesh reverberated through the bedroom. I moaned and groaned with a mixture of pleasure and pain as Jay continued his fun with my bottom.

He eventually ordered me to turn over and get up on the bed. I willingly obeyed, speading my legs over his shoulders as he entered me, hard and fast. He fucked my needy cunt as I rubbed my clit hard and fast. It seemed no time at all until my pussy was gripping his cock in orgasm. When he knew I had been pleasured, he began to plunge even faster and harder into me, eventually depositing his warm cum inside me as he whispered, "I want you to eat my cum out of your pussy, baby."

When he lay down beside me, I shoved two fingers inside myself, scooped out his precious deposit and brought it to my lips. I sucked Jay's cum from my fingers as he watched, and stroked my hair with a wry smile on his face.


Florida Dom said...

Very hot scene. Do you like the taste of him?


bigd44 said...

Such a naghty girl! Just offer up your sexy ass to Jay to cane. That is so hot! Then eating his cum from your pussy...WOW!

Mimi said...

Florida Dom... I do LOVE the taste of him.

BigD...I do try to make my Jay happy.

Dark Gracie said...

i love quickies, only if that means there is more later.

i love fingers inside of me after they cum. that was hot. *smile*