Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Touch Myself

Yesterday afternoon, I came home from work feeling particuarly hungry for an orgasm. I had the house to myself for just a bit, and decided to put that to good use before getting on with the evening's chores.

I carefully closed and locked the bedroom door both to protect myself from prying dog eyes (somehow I just cant manage to cum with a dog standing on the pillows by my head attempting to lick me or staring me down from the bottom of the bed like a criminal), and anyone arriving home unexpectedly. I stripped naked and flopped down on the bed with my capable dual vibrating bullets (2 bullets attached to one toy so when one bullet is worn out with overuse, you simply switch to the other, nifty, huh?!), and my trusty rabbit vibrator.

The rabbit was thrust inside my vagina first, rotating away as I touched the bullet to my clit. The pleasure was instantaneous. My mind took me to a posh hotel room where he was lying beside me, a hand wrapped around my throat, whispering to me that he wanted to watch me cum.

I swiftly felt the orgasm building inside my stuffed pussy. I seemed to hover there partially orgasming for what seemed like a minute or more which had never happened before until falling over the abyss into a full on orgasm. It was stronger than I have experienced in a very long time, so strong that I cried out loud and long as my cunt clentched and released it's pleasure over and over again. When it was done, I lay there for several moments dazed and spent. When I finally roused myself from the bed, I found that I had cum so long and hard that my vaginal muscles were actually sore.

I managed to go on with the rest of the evening...making dinner, bathing the little one and putting her to bed. I found myself unexpectedly alone again with the little one in bed as Jay and our son went out to run an errand. I realized that I wanted to cum again.

I again shut and locked the bedroom door. This time my craving was to have both my holes filled when I came. I knew this orgasm was not likely to be as intense as the first, but I didn't care. Boy was I mistaken!

I took out the trusty double bullet, rabbit, and this time also a glass dildo with a nice little butt plug on the opposite end. I lubed up my asshole and pussy. I slid the smooth glass of the anal plug inside my ass, followed by the rabbit in my pussy. Next came the buzz of the bullet to my clit. Pleasure again washed over me immediately.

I went back to the same hotel room. This time he was standing over me on the bed as I masturbated for him. He was rubbing his cock as he watched me, telling me he wanted to cum all over me. His hot cum shot out onto my tits, my face, my hair, and I was gone.

Orgasm gripped my cunt again. This time the walls of my pussy pulsed so hard they literally pushed the toys from both vagina and ass as I cried out uncontrollably again. Again I was left lying on the bed dazed and spent.

Still, not more than an hour later, I wanted more. This time I spent my sexual need on Jay. My still swollen clit rubbed deliciously against his pubic bone as he thrust in and out of my voracious hole. I felt my breasts gently swaying with his thrusts as I panted my pleasure. When he came inside me, it was hot and sticky and good, and I was finally satisfied.


RIV said...

OMG, that was simply delicious!

I hope this will be a fairly regular post topic. :)

bigd44 said...

Great story Mimi! Nice to see you writing more. Your stories are always so sexy! Jay is a lucky man.