Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The English Neighbor

A most peculiar, yet hot thing occured in our bedroom last night which I have been eager to relate for you all day.

Last night as Jay and I retired to bed, he reached over and began to tweak my nipples which almost always gets me going. This time was no exception. Soon I was begging for my vibrating bullet and greedily applying it to my wet clit as he sucked my tits, and wrapped his hand around my throat.

Let me back this up a bit, and tell you that we have neighbors two doors down from us that we see fairly often as their 3 girls play with our daughter. I have commented in passing to Jay before that I found the husband rather attractive. The icing on the cake is the fact that he is English. The accent dissolves me into a pool of jelly. They were at our house several days ago to retrieve their girls, came in to chat for a moment, and I became even more keenly aware of how attractive I found our English neighbor.

Fast forward to last bullet is buzzing away on my clit, Jay's hand is wrapped tightly around my neck, and I begin to fantasize about my English neighbor.

I am on my knees in front of him, his cock is in my mouth, his hands are tangled in my hair and he is forcing his cock violently in and out of my mouth. Then he is suddenly behind me, fucking me doggie style, slapping my ass and telling me in a menacing way, "Your Daddy sent you to me. He said I could do anything I want with you. I'm going to use you all night, slut."

My eyes were soon rolling back in my head as I came harder than I have in quite some time. So hard that I was on the verge of those tears I discussed earlier.

I wasn't sure whether I should tell Jay of this little fantasy or not. But of course, I couldn't resist telling him this morning,and was pleased to find that he was highly aroused by the idea. We bantered back and forth about it via AIM all day long.

This evening as I was out on my run, the aforementioned neighbor was pulling in to his driveway as I ran by, and threw up his hand in greeting. I couldn't help developing a little grin on my face. By the time I had circled around for a 2nd pass on my run, he had changed clothes and come out to play with his girls in the front yard. I imagined him watching me as I passed by, my skin slick with sweat, my legs nicely tanned from the beach trip and the pool, my breathing heavy with exertion, and another grin spread across my face.

God help me the next time I actually have to speak with him. I can see Jay and I now standing there like 2 teenagers trying not to snicker in front of him!!

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