Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Good Morning My Love

I awoke to the sensation of his hand moving under the covers. As I gradually became more conscious I became aware that he was stroking his cock which is often so achingly hard first thing in the morning. I laid there on my side quietly observing, my cunt growing wet at the sensation of the covers moving ever more rapidly, and his breath increasing as his arousal grew. The sounds of sex have always been far more arousing to me than the sights…the grunts, the moans, the sighs, the whispered “I love yous” as we make love.

He turned to me, spooning me as he began to rub his cock against my ass. I arched it out for him, eager to feel the slick precum oozing out onto his hand and my ass. In very short order, he rose up above me, placed himself between my legs as I was still turned on my side and entered me. He found no resistance as my cunt was by now swollen and dripping wet. I laid there prostrate,my face buried in the pillow, barely awake as he used my body for his pleasure, pounding deeper and deeper inside me. His finger slid into my ass as I groaned with the sensation of fullness as he filled both holes. With 3 mighty pumps into my deepest recesses he came inside me with a low, guttural groan.

We curled up together and went back to sleep, satisfied with his use of the body that is his for the taking anytime he wishes.

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