Friday, April 29, 2011

What He Said

This is the hottest thing that has been said to me in a very long time:

"When I smack you, your eyes will roll in your head."


Malcolm said...

Isn't it strange how an apparently simple phrase can resonate as sexy? For me, even the word "smack" is evocative. I tell my wife, "I'm going to fuck you and smack your arse!" and I know from her reaction that goes home. I might see what happens if I tell her her eyes are going to roll, or more likely some other phrase such as "When I smack you you're going to grunt like a pig!" as that's quite likely to happen anyway, and then when she does, I will say "See? I told you that would happen."

bigd44 said...

that's scary! I hope it went well!

Mimi said...

Malcolm...the human mind and sexuality are such interesting animals, aren't they?

BigD...scary and highly arousing!