Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Unbearable Affliction of Yearning

I WANT...often with a painful intensity. I want with such a raging hunger I fear it can never be satisfied. It threatens to swallow me whole, this wanting. It snarls and growls at me in it's endless demand to be satisfied.

I am a fish on a hook...writhing on my own desire. My peace of mind the sacrificial lamb to my depravity.

My mind is overwhelmed with images of filth...intwined tongues, pulsing sex organs, naked flesh, your hands, your eyes, your mouth on me.

Don't deny me again with your exhausting logic and ever present reason. Want me as I want you. Soothe the wailing voice that insists on being fulfilled. Join me in my thirst for lust, and unfetter my bound heart.

1 comment:

Kink said...

Wow! Your text speaks to me so strongly. There are some days, for me, when images like you have described consume me, divert every other thought, prevent concentration.