Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Sting

After the concert last Saturday, Jay had a little fun of a different sort in store for me. When we returned to the car he assisted me in removing my corset which was succeeding in compressing my lungs until I could barely breathe (thank God I didn’t live during the Victorian Era), and handed me a sheer tank top to put on which left my pierced nipples and breasts quite visible. I was a bit disturbed and fussy about this happening right in the parking lot where plenty of people continued to walk by, but made the wardrobe change as quickly and discretely as possible in the car.

I was then ordered to give him my wrists so that he could bind them with the wrist cuffs which I did without complaint. Just before he placed my blindfold on I spied the penis gag in his hand. I begged not to be gagged. My mouth was dry, my throat was a bit sore from all the screaming and singing, and I just didn’t feel I could do it. He was kind to me offering to leave the gag off if I promised to keep silent. The blindfold was put into place, and we were off to his desired destination as I sat nervously in the passenger seat. I tried to ask a few questions to which I got, “I’m going to put the gag on.” After that I was silent because I knew he meant it.

My mind raced as I tried to imagine what it was he had in store for me. I feared we were going back to a club we had visited a few months ago that I had found undesirable. Perhaps, I thought, he has arranged my first meeting with our new mentor, but knew that was unlikely for several different reasons. I worried and fretted about what he had in store for me and whether or not I would be able to please him with my participation.
I felt oh so tired after the evening’s festivities at the concert. All I really wanted to do was go home. I was having a rather hard time maintaining the proper interest and enthusiasm for this little excursion.

When the car finally stopped, he came around to the passenger side and removed my cuffs. I reached for the blindfold, but he batted my hand away roughly. I began to feel panicked at the thought he might make me walk into what was obviously a public place blindfolded. He then informed me he would remove the blindfold for now, but put it back in place once we got where we were going.

When the blindfold was removed, I could see that we were at the adult bookstore we had visited some time ago which has the viewing booths in the back. There was a bar with an outdoor deck next door full of partiers eagerly watching people as they entered the adult store. I crossed my arms over my nearly bare chest and kept my eyes down in shame as we entered the store. Jay promptly told me to take my arms down from my chest as we wandered the small store.

He eventually led me to the back with the viewing booths, replaced my blindfold, and led me to a booth. I was told to sit on the stool, spread my legs and rub my cunt as he fed the machine dollars and scrolled through the porn. He unzipped his pants and told me to take out his cock and stroke him. I was tired, I had to pee, and I didn’t want to do this. I rubbed lazily for a bit, and then just stopped. As I sat there, trying to convince myself to continue with his demands…SLAP! He slapped me across the face hard. I didn’t even see it coming with the blindfold on. My face stung and my cunt was instantly wet.

I obediently got down my knees on the dirty floor and began to suck his cock with much more enthusiasm, my cheek still stinging with the blow from his palm. He had me climb back up on the stool and stroke his cock as I fingered my wet pussy. He kept going on about how he knew I wanted another cock. I desperately tried to peer underneath my blindfold, terrified that there might be someone else there. Someone that he was going to allow to fuck me or someone whose cock I would be ordered to suck. There wasn’t, of course, but he knew it would frighten me.

When he asked me where I wanted his cum, I immediately replied that I wanted it on my tits. I pulled down my top, got down on my knees and hungrily offered my tits to him. When he shot out onto them I gave a quiet cry of arousal. When he had covered my tits and chest with his orgasm, I pulled my top back up, feeling the wetness of his cum soak into the shirt. He then placed me back on the stool, and had me scroll through to find my own porn and masturbate until I came. When I did, he urged me to cry out loudly. I did my best, but I still think it was rather muted due to my concern about being heard by others in the store.

An important lesson was learned here by both of us regarding just how much my arousal and compliance can be influenced by his physical dominance. I had asked him several times in the past to slap me in the face, but he never could bring himself to more than just a tap. This is just the beginning, I hope, of a beautiful journey into dominance and submission together.

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Timothy said...

So happy for you. It sounds like you are having the beautiful life that so many dream of, and making real progress and growth.
I hope I am not being naive in believing every word of your delightful posts, I want to, for you.