Saturday, January 8, 2011

Do You Think Many People Have This Problem?

I went for a massage this afternoon. It was heavenly as always. However, as she began to massage the top of my butt, I panicked. The thought running through my mind was this, "Oh God, do I have any fresh bruises on my ass?"

After a little pondering, I realized Jay and I have not had any play sessions in the immediate past, and my ass should be free of any bruising. I relaxed once I made this determination.

Really, how many people do you suppose there are that have to stop and think about whether or not they have spanking bruises on their ass when they go in for a massage?!

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bigd44 said...


That's funny! I'll bet there are quite a few ladies, and probably men too, that have had to ask themselves that very question. Maybe at the gym, the Dr., getting a massage, or who knows what.
What would you have done if you remembered that you did have bruises or cane or paddle marks across that hot sexy ass?